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Win a signed copy of Harel's album!

01 March 2010 at 12:11 CET

It was revealed already some time ago Harel Skaat will fly the Israeli flag in Oslo. Last week the Israeli national broadcaster, IBA, announced four songs had been picked for him and that he'll introduce them in a live show this Saturday. The final decision will be made on the 15th of March, changed from the previous date of the 14th of March.

However, he has a surprise for the fans of the Eurovision Song Contest - he'll record a cover of the 1973 Luxembourg entry for Europe's favourite TV-show, Tu Te Reconnaîtras, together with the Anna-Marie David, who performed it then. They'll perform it on the 8th of March at the Miss Israel ceremony. 

Win an album!

But that's not all, he's agreed to answer questions from the visitors of and not only that! You can also win a copy of his latest album, signed by the Israeli representative himself. For that you need to send us your question(s) to [email protected] together with your contact details (e-mail, postal address and full name) by the 6th of March. He'll give out a total of two albums.

Harel Skaat will answer your questions as fast as possible and then you can find them right here, on! Stay tuned and send in your questions! thanks Shai Barak and Tali Eshkoli for organising the interview.