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Will the Fairytale come true for Norway?

05 May 2009 at 14:31 CEST

The impressive set has embraced the Fairytale theme, with the LCD screens having pictures of traditional wooden Norwegian houses lit up at night time, with the moon and stars above them and the impression of fireworks going off.


The choreography is similar to the successful formula used in the Norwegian national selection in the respect that there are three male backing dancers performing a series of artistic folk dance routines and acrobatics. There are two female backing vocalists on stage also, dressed in pink and maroon colours. Aleander himself has black trousers, and black waistcoat with white shirt.

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In the press conference following the rehearsals, there was a large media interest in Alexander and his team. A journalist began by asking Alexander where he drew the inspiration for the song from. Alexander said "I was on vacation in the Norwegian countryside last summer. While I was walking around, I decided to take a break and took out my violin and played a tune, I started working a little bit more on it and it developed from there. It was never a plan to become part of Eurovision in the beginning. It was only during the development of the lyrics and text I got the idea." 

Alexander admitted he held back vocally today, and used the rehearsal mainly to familiarise himself with the stage and surroundings. A journalist from Belarus told Alexander that he is well supported there with the public, and remarked that his dance routine on stage is similar to folk dancing in Belarus. He adds " My blood belongs to Belarus, so it comes quite naturally to me, the dancing is based upon folk in general."

Alexander answered a question about being the favourite to win the Eurovision Song Contest with the respective bookmakers. He said "I feel pleasure not pressure about this, it says something about people liking our song, it will make me smile and be happy on stage. It doesn't mean that I am going to win."

With regards to his future, Alexander said he has some big concerts ahead in the summer. The press conference was ended with a full performance of Alexander and his band, with Alexander playing the violin with his hands!. This was met with great applause and the conference was then drawn to a close.

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Alexander Rybak was born in Minsk (Belarus) on the 13th of May, 1986. He grew up in Nesodden just outside the Norwegian capital Oslo. Alexander has played violin and piano since he was five years old, he also composes his own music and sings. Alexander has performed with artists like Arve Tellefsen, Morten Harket, Hanne Krogh and Knutsen & Ludvigsen. In 2006 he won the Norwegian talentshow Kjempesjansen with his own song Foolin’. Alexander has performed with one of the worlds most celebrated violinists, Pinchas Zukerman. He also played the role of the fiddler in Fiddler On The Roof at Oslo Nye Theatre (2007) and has a role in the forthcoming movie Yohan - Child Wanderer which will be released in August 2009.