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Will Switzerland go for the gold?

Posted 21 May 2010 at 17:42

It was really raining gold in Switzerland's performance today with Michael von der Heide wearing his golden extravagant suit in his second rehearsal. The female backing singers were still clad in the same dresses as in Switzerland's first rehearsal: elegant dreams of pink, yellow and grey. Stripes of clothes are attached to their hands which have a dramatic effect in the performance and in the choreography.
Silver-coloured balls are filling big parts of the stage, giving the performance a quite futurist feel. Illuminated strips of light are dangling over the singers' heads, with yellow and white being the main colours. The same colours are also used in the gigantic back part of the stage, matching perfectly with the singers' clothes.
At the last take today, large amounts of fire and pyros were added to the performance which came across very well both on the TV screen and in the hall.
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"Number 5 was a spontaneous decision"

Michael von der Heide started the press conference by introducing his backing artists to the press. When he was asked if he had received feedback on his rehearsal, he said that he was advised to shave off his beard, but he had not yet decided if he would or not.
As Switzerland was one of the lucky countries that could choose their starting position in the Semi-Final themselves, Michael was asked why he actually decided for number 5. He said that it was a spontaneous decision, he just did not want to have a very late position, as he usually gets excited when he has to wait for his performance.
Michael presented a lucky charm he had received from the Swiss representative in the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest, Paola - it was a golden medal she had received in that year.
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