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Will Evelina be playing in the sun in Düsseldorf?

Posted 8 April 2011 at 11:42

Lithuania has been known for sending pretty alternative entries with the band InCulto in 2010 and LT United in 2006 as notable examples. However, this year the country have gone with a more sobre and sophisticated song, sung by the talented Evelina Sašenko.
The road to Düsseldorf has been a long one for Evelina, having to compete in semi-finals and a final against a total of 43 other entries in the Lithuanian selection. The final comprised of 13 songs but there could only be one winner and that was Evelina with her song, C'est Ma Vie. This was the biggest performance of her life, but will it compare to performing in front of a TV audience of millions in Düsseldorf?
C'est Ma Vie has a distinctively classical sound and although the lyrics are mainly in English, the French title adds an extra touch of elegance to the song.
Below is the official preview video of C'est Ma Vie:
{Video#YT, id: BWsuBnfYQBw}

Who is she?

Born into Polish-Ukrainian family, Evelina started singing solo at tender age of 6. A year later, she made her debut in Dainų Dainelė (a wildly popular Lithuanian competition for singing kids and teenagers), becoming laureate six times. New challenges followed - studies of grand piano and violin, singing in French, gigs and music competitions all over Lithuania, performances in Poland, Germany, Belgium and a number of other countries, international festivals (resulting in numerous awards). As her experience grew, so did the repertoire – musicals, classical pieces, tributes to artists as diverse as Chopin and Edith Piaf.
With so much musical experience, the Eurovision Song Contest was a natural progression for Evelina who herself has said, "I remember watching the contest as a small child. I always knew I wanted to do this".
C'est Ma Vie will be performed 17th at the first semi-final of the 2011 edition of Europe's favourite TV show. Will Evelina indeed be able to pull it off in Düsseldorf on the 10th of May? Time will tell!
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