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Will 'angels' give Miro better chances in Oslo?

Posted 9 May 2010 at 0:26

The procedure in Bulgaria was entirely different from the one used for 2009, where a run of quarter-finals and semi-finals eventually led up to Krassimir Avramov representing the country.
On the 28th of February, the time came to decide the song for Bulgaria. Bulgarian television has already selected the artist to represent the country in Oslo. Their colours will be defended by Miro, being chosen already on the 18th of October 2009.
The Bulgarian final was a competition between five songs, specifically produced for the national final. The songs were chosen to represent different musical genres. They were performed by Miro.
The winning song, representing Bulgaria in Oslo, is Angel Si Ti. The song is written by Miroslav Kostadinov, that is Miro himself. It was the only song in the national selection show that was written by the artist and it was elected by the viewers, using televoting.
Watch the show one more time! You can see the final from Bulgaria over and over again in our ESCTV player. Watch their video, too, below.

Who is he?

From 1994 till 1999 Miro won awards of 11 prestigious international festivals. In 1999 Galena Kurdova and Miro started a project later called KariZma. All singles of this duet became hits in Bulgaria. After 7 years on the top of the charts, the duet Karizma released their first album Eklisiast.
One year later, Miro started his solo career and after a few months he became Bulgaria's number 1 singer. In his career, Miro has won all prestigious musical awards of the Bulgarian top media outlets. He released his first solo album in 2009, oMIROtvoren, which reached a sales record after the first week on the market.
Miro has also created his own label - David & Light Entertainment. He embarked on a successful nation-wide tour in 2009 which was attended by thousands of his fans.
He'll perform thirteenth in the second Semi-Final on the 27th of May in Oslo, Norway.
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