Will Amaury Vassili secure the first title for France since 1977?

In November 2010, Amaury Vassili released his new album Cantero,  whose title announces a combination of original compositions  by Davide Esposito and Jean-Félix Lalanne and passionate new versions of  classics from the Italian repertoire such as Caruso, Con Te Partiro (Andrea Bocelli), Dietro L’amore (Toto Cutugno) and Il Volo (Zucchero).

The Eurovision track, Sognu,  was written especially for Amaury by Jean-Pierre Marcellesi and Julie  Miller in Corsican, the own langage of the island of beauty Corsica  (southeast of the French mainland), with music by Daniel Moyne and  Quentin Bachelet. 

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Amaury Vassili was already invited to many shows such as "Le Plus Grand  Cabaret Du Monde" (France2), the "13h00 news" (TF1 with more than  10  millions of TV viewers), the "Sidaction"sShow (France2), "Les Années  Bonheur" (France2), "Morandini!" (Direct8) etc. Amaury will continue   participating to various shows on all French TV channels. In addition,  France3 broadcasts a short program several times a  day. Just before the  Big Final, France3 will broadcast a video about the  Eurovision Song  Contest in Düsseldorf with Amaury Vassili and various  other artists.  The target is clearly to have French TV viewers  understand the reality  and the importance of the event through its  organisation, by visiting  the press centre, the arena, etc, and with  interviews with European  press and fans.

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