Who will win in Azerbaijan tonight?

The Azeri broadcaster, iTV, started the search for their participant for the 56th edition of Europe's favourite TV-show already last fall. Then a total of 77 contestants made it to the first round, competing for 7 weeks.

Following that, as a result of televoting and jury voting, 10 contestants managed to secure a place in the semi-final.

The lucky ten had to prove their talent before the jury from the 3rd of January till the 10th of January when the ten was cut down to the final five.

These five - Nigar Jamal, Eldar Gasımov, Guliyeva Aynishan, Ilqara Ibrahimova and Ilhama Gasımova - will compete tonight in the Grand Final of the Azerbaijani national selection for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.

 Eurovision.tv has prepared for that, in co-operation with iTV, we will bring the event to you, live, in our Web TV! Watch it starting from 18:00 CET tonight!

You won't see only the five contestants from Azerbaijan in the show there but also their 2010 participant, Safura, contestants at this year's competition from other countries as well. Namely, Sofo (representing Georgia), Senit (San Marino), Anna Rossinelli (Switzerland) and the renown French DJ David Vendetta will also be in Baku, performing.

Who are the participants?

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Eldar Gasımov was born in Azerbaijan in 1989. He began singing already when he was very young and has taken part in several concerts in different cities of Azerbaijan and Russia.

Ilhama Gasımova was born in Azerbaijan and has won several music contest already! She has also worked with famous producers such as Mark Dollar and Mike Miles for her new album.

Ilqara Ibrahimova was born in Azerbaijan in 1990. She studied at  Modern Education Center in Baku and now she is a student of Moscow State University.

Nigar Jamal was born in 1980 in Azerbaijan but she has been living in London since 2005. She is especially talented in singing R'n'B, soul and pop music. Her greatest inspirers are Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Brandy, Craig David and Chris Brown.

Guliyeva Aynishan was born in 1991 and she also has won several prizes at music festivals all over the world. Aynishan has been studying in Azerbaijan State University of Culture since 2009. 

The winner of this show will be picked by a jury. The three-hour selection will also be broadcast live in Georgia and Turkey.

Last year, Safura finished 5th representing Azerbaijan with the song Drip Drop.

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