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Who will represent the Czech Republic?

Posted 9 January 2008 at 16:32

On Saturday, 26th of January, the Czech Republic will pick its entry for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Eurosong 2008.
The following 10 songs have been selected for the national final;
  1. - Benga Beating
  2. Tereza Kerndlová - Have Some Fun
  3. Čechomor - Józef, Mój Kochany
  4. Issa Sámer - Pick A Star
  5. L.B.P. - Don't Leave Me
  6. Temperamento - Další Den Přijde
  7. Le Monde - Another Chance
  8. Toxique - Two Sides
  9. Iva Frühlingová - Partir Et Revenir
  10. Daniel Nekonečný - Holiday
Last year's Eurovision Song Contest saw the Czech Republic's debute with Kabát's Malá Dáma. The group came last in the Semi-Final, and went back home with only 1 point from Estonia. On the positive side, it leaves plenty of space for the country's 2008 representative, as it is not that hard to achieve a better result.
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