Who will be the Spanish entry for Germany?

After a long period of internal selections, Spain turned to the public national selection in 2000. Since then Barcelona has hosted four of the finals, this fifth year will be in the TVE Studios in Sant Cugat. From here the winner will go to its "Destination Eurovision" in Düsseldorf next May. The host, Anne Igartiburu, will be helped once more by last year's Spanish entrant, Daniel Diges, from the green room.

The artist's knockouts

There have been three shows to determine which three artists compete in the final. The three were chosen by televote and an expert jury made up by singers-songwriters Albert Hammond, Merche, and David Ascanio; Eurovision Song Contest expert Reyes del Amor and popular TV personality Boris Izaguirre. In the end, we got the finalists: Lucía Perez, Melissa and Auryn.

The singers

Lucía Pérez is from Lugo and is a professional singer that has released four albums without reaching the mainstream so far. This is for her the perfect chance to finally achieve it after a second place for Spain at the 2006 Viña del Mar Festival in Chile. She was the televoters favourite to reach this final.

Melissa is 22 and comes from Alicante though her family hails from Belgium and Switzerland. She has studied classical and modern singing and premiered on TV four years ago, participating in a popular talent show.

Carlos, Blas, Dani, Alvaro and David are Auryn. The name of the band honours the amulet in "The Neverending Story" (according to the novel, its possessor is able to fulfill their dreams and desires). Auryn's strength lies in the combination of harmonies. The five components have been trained and have extensive experience.

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The songs

Each of the acts will perform a medley of three songs, given to them from the 20 originally selected ones. The jury will eliminate two songs from every participant in two rounds and the viewers will have the final say when each act has only one song left. These are the songs by artist (composers in brackets):

Lucía Pérez:

  • Abrázame (Antonio Sánchez-Ohlsson & Thomas G.son)
  • Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao (Rafael Artesero)
  • C'est La Vie! It's Alright (W&M, Nestor Geli, Susie Päivärinta, P.Andersson & M.Lindberg)


  • Eos (Jesús Cañadilla & Alejandro de Pinedo)
  • Diamonds (Nestor Geli, Susie Päivärinta & Pär Lönn)
  • Sueños Rotos (Primoz Poglajen, Jonas Gladnikoff, Camilla Gottschalck & Christina Schilling)


  • Volver (Primoz Poglajen, Jonas Gladnikoff, Camilla Gottschalck & Christina Schilling)
  • Evangelyne (Kjell Jennstig, Dejan Belgrenius & Kristin Molin)
  • El Sol Brillará (Rafael de Alba)

The Spanish broadcaster TVE published snippets of the demos in their website, where you can also follow the final. The guest performers include the band Blue, that will represent the UK in Düsseldorf and Daniel Diges who placed 15th for Spain with Algo Pequeñito in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest Final in Oslo.

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