Who should represent Australia?

Eurovision.tv put this hypothetical question to the Australian broadcaster SBS's Eurovision commentary team, Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang during an interview at their commentary booth in Baku at this year's contest.

They both gave individual answers, with Sam clearly thinking outside of the box and Julia going for a more conventional option. Check out the video below to see who Sam and Julia think would make the ideal Australian representatives.

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Best ever Australian coverage

SBS reported that the coverage of all three live shows in Australia went bigger than ever. In addition to this, Julia Zemiro embarked upon a journey from Düsseldorf, last year's host city to Baku in a camper van, travelling thousands of miles and interviewing many Eurovision stars along the way, including the very first winner of Europe's Favourite TV Show, Lys Assia pictured with Julia below.

Meet Sam & Julia

Eurovision.tv spoke at length with the inimitable Sam and Julia in Baku about what makes the contest so popular in Australia, you can hear what they have to say in our interview below.

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