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Who See to represent Montenegro in Malmö

20 December 2012 at 22:54 CET

Who See, also known as Who See Klapa, is a Montenegrin hip-hop duo from the Bay of Kotor and is set to represent their nation at the 2013 edition of Europe's favourite TV show.

The group was created in the early 2000s and is known for their humour and funny videos. They're also the first ever band from the country that has been nominated for an MTV EMA award! The members are Dedduh (Dejan Dedović) and Noyz (Mario Đorđević).

After 2 years of preparation and recording, the band released their second album Krš I Drača in 2012 and the single Regeton Montenegro conquered the charts in the Adriatic region and spent 5 weeks at number 1 of the MTV regional Top 20 chart.

To have a taste of their music, check out one of their latest songs below!

Montenegro was represented by Rambo Amadeus with the song Euro Neuro last year but failed to qualify for the Final.