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Who See’s party just begun!

14 March 2013 at 21:24 CET

“Igranka is typical hip-hop song with a voice of an angel - Nina Žižić. The idea was to spread positive energy with the song. So, we are singing about joy of life, partying and things we want and dream about. We could even say that we are actually having hedonic song”, was the answer on our question for the guys Deda and Noyz, two members of Who See, who are very excited about going to Sweden.

Popular Montenegrin singer Nina Žižić is also joining the hip-hop duo on the Eurovision stage. She already took part in the country's national selection, Montevizija, in 2006.

During the special broadcast from Podgorica, the official video for this years entry from Montenegro was premiered. Viewers across Europe could hear how the song sounds for the very first time. Video is directed by Zoran Marković - Zonjo.

Among many questions asked by journalists present in the studio during the show was what are the expectations from the artists and the song. "The goal is getting into finals“, Zonjo answered, hoping that Montengro is finally going to qualify for the Grand Final.

The band Who See was created in the early 2000s and is known for their humour and funny videos. They're also the first ever band from the country who won MTV EMA award! The members are Dedduh (Dejan Dedović) and Noyz (Mario Đorđević).

The song Igranka is written by Djordje Miljenković, more known as Wikluh Sky and as one of the members of trio Bad Copy, beside Ajs Nigrutin and Timbe. "We had the best ingredients for the song. Two best MC guys from Montenegro and a great female vocalist. Sound is good as in any other track in the world you can here nowadays", Wikluh Sky said while being a guest in tonight’s special RTCG broadcast.

Montenegro is being part of Europe's favorite TV-show since 2007. This years representative - Who See will peform their song Igranka in the first Semi-final on 14th of May.