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Who See ready to take on Mars

10 September 2013 at 17:55 CEST

Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö is behind us, more than three months now. Did you already forget that you were there?

Nina: Not at all. I am actually still a bit sad that it’s over. I miss that regular dose of Eurovision adrenaline.

Who See: It was a unique experience and we are glad that we were a part of that huge event.

Do you have different opinion about Europe’s favourite TV show, after you took part, instead of just watching it on TV?

Nina: It depends, but in the meantime I can say that our colleagues from RTCG were right. Eurovision is the biggest music TV event in the world. All together I only have positive memories and thoughts.

Who See: Sure it’s different. Honestly it is totally different than before. Now we can say only positive things about it.

Any special moments during those two weeks in Sweden that you still remember?

Nina: Well, every moment we spent in Malmö had its craziness.

Who See: Probably the fact that we met some interesting people.

You didn’t qualify for the Final, but your song was closer than any previous entry from Montenegro. Besides, the audience really liked your performance, at least the point that you got from the viewers are confirming that. How do you see that outcome?

Nina: With the pure satisfaction!

Who See: First of all, we are happy because we didn’t disappoint our fans and second it seems that our performance was very convincing for the viewers across Europe. Why the jury saw that differently, that’s something they should know.

As we always hear those comments like taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest can be too risky for successful artists. Do you agree?

Nina: A good performance can never have a negative impact on someone’s career.

Who See: We were actually more worried about how are fans going to react, as we did take part in the show that it’s not typical for the music style we have. But in the end, all those clicks on YouTube gave us a good answer. *(See the official video here.)

Eurovision Song Contest fans are certainly interested what’s going on in your careers at the moment. Any new projects you are working on?

Nina: I am at the stage where I’m developing plans and thinking about next steps for the long run. But they can surely expect something new.

Who See: We are moving on, having some performances and concerts. However, we are also making the first steps in order to release our new album at some point.

We do have an additional question, while talking about future projects. Are you going to work together again?

Nina: I would like to continue working with the Who See gang. What I can definitely say after all I experienced is that I’m happy cause I’ve met such great guys like them.

Who See: Everything is possible. If an opportunity arises, Nina is our number one choice, there are no doubts about that at all.

Are you thinking about some projects for the international market, after winning an MTV award and taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest?

Who See: We don’t have such plans, at least not at the moment, but we did take part at EXIT an international music festival in Novi Sad. Let’s see what is going to be next.

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As your song Igranka (Party) is about the first party on Mars (at least what we've heard of), if we really start moving to the Red planet in the near future, would you consider being part of the first Eurovision Song Contest on Mars?

Who See: We still have those space suits, so the universe is going to be ours - sooner or later!