Who's in the Azeri selection?

A total of over 100 entries were picked for the initial round. Now the list has been shortened to just 11 names. The lucky ones to qualify are:

  • Nurana Alasgarova                        
  • Tarik Yigit       
  • Gülchöhra Babayeva                      
  • Ülviya Abbasova                       
  • Chingiz Mustafayev                       
  • Tofiq Haciyev                              
  • Next                            
  • Aygün İsmayilova                        
  • Adil Baxişli                                  
  • Zülfünaz Racabova                       
  • Xana Hasanova 

Azerbaijan was represented by Safura in 2010 in Oslo, with the song Drip Drop. She finished 5th in the Final and second in the second Semi-Final.

She was picked in one of the longest selection processes seen that year, with several stages and the winner and the winning song announced at different times, just before the deadline for submitting entries to the European Broadcasting Union.

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