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Who's in competition for the wildcards in Finland?

Posted 30 September 2009 at 13:38

Today the Finnish broadcaster also revealed the first qualifiers for the Finnish national selection, you can find out who they are in our list of twelve qualified Finnish artist. The authors and songs of the artists will be revealed on the 30th of November. You can meet all the artists in our introduction of the twelve Finnish finalists. Below are the lucky thirty who were chosen among 267 submissions for the open competition. Out of those 30, three will pass to the semi-finals to be held in January.
  • Saara Aalto - Meant To Be
  • Markus Ahola - Kadotaan
  • AIA - Ruma
  • Henrik Anttila & Krister Anttila - Yhtä Juhlaa
  • Sonja Bishop - Why Don't You
  • Blackbird - Did I Say That I Loved You
  • Blackstream - Divine
  • Saga Bloom - Love Like This
  • Bääbs - You Don't Know Tomorrow
  • Camilla Petra - Your World Is Still Waiting For me
  • Captain Cougar - Too Late
  • Daisy Jack - Fridays
  • Marcus Granfors - Always
  • Janne Hurme - Not Even On Sundays
  • Sofia Järnström - Miss Magic
  • Pauliina Kumpulainen - Niin Kävi Taas
  • Jukka Kuoppamäki - Ystävät!
  • Netta - Stronger
  • Linn Nygård - Fatal Moment
  • Paul Oxley - Hope
  • Janne Raappana - Elina
  • Rock'N Roll Sensation - Listen To the Radio
  • Geir Rönning - I Hate Myself For Loving You
  • Laura Sippola & Tuki - Morse For Nature
  • Sister Twister - Love At The First Sight
  • Juhana Suninen - Vastaa!
  • Sanna-Mari Titov - Tunnustuksen Tapaisia Sanoja
  • Roni Tran - Star Power
  • U.O.M.A - Kaupunki
  • Villieläin - Ei Minua
Geir Rönning has already represented Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2005 with his song Why. Unfortunately, he did not qualify for the Final then and finished eighteenth in the Semi-Final. Jussi Hakulinen is, however, member of the hugely popular band Yö. He wrote the song for Janne Raappana. Another familiar name is Paul Oxley who was the leadman of the very popular band Paul Oxley's Unit back in the 1980's.
UPDATED: You can listen to the songs on YLE's Euroviisut page.
The national selection for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Finland will be held in January, with three heats on consecutive Fridays. From every show three winners will qualify for the final and one will be selected by a jury, possibly an international one. The Finnish representative for Europe's favourite TV-show in 2010 will be chosen on the 30th of January.
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