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Who is your favourite presenter from the 1980s?

05 October 2016 at 19:00 CEST
Over the next few weeks we will be paying tribute to some of the presenters of the Eurovision Song Contest from over the years. Today we travel back in time to the 1980s. The decade is often remembered as a time of big hair, stonewashed denim, large should pads, and in the case of Viktor Lazlo, presenter of the 1987 Eurovision Song Contest, huge earrings!

Every presenter of the Eurovision Song Contest from 1980 until 1988 was female. RTE, host broadcaster of the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest, decided to use a male/female pairing, something that was carried on by the Swiss the following year. In fact it wasn't until 1993 that a sole female presenter would host the show again.

The 1980s provided many memorable memories when it came to the Eurovision Song Contest. In 1981, when presenter Doireann Ní Bhriain called in the votes from Yugoslavia, she received the reply, "I don't have it", resulting in an eruption of laughter from the audience. In 1983 the host Marlene Charell referred to Norway's conductor, Sigurd Jansen as Johannes Skorgan when she forgot his name and was forced to improvise. Some memorable moments from the 1980s are including in the voting montage below.

Lil Lindfors, who presented the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest, was catapulted to legendary status in the eyes of many Eurovision fans when her skirt was ripped off as she took to the stage to start the voting. What was a deliberate stunt was perceived by many as a wardrobe malfunction since the presenter did not do this during the rehearsals. As Lil then revealed a full-length gown she announced to the audience, "I just wanted to wake you up a little". 

May we have your votes please?

We would like to find out who is your favourite presenter of the 1980s. All you need to do is leave the name of the presenter of your choice in the comments below. We will reveal the winner in a special video featuring the highlights of the most popular presenter.

YearHost CountryName of the presenter(s)1980The NetherlandsMarlous Fluitsma1981IrelandDoireann Ní Bhriain1982United KingdomJan Leeming1983GermanyMarlene Charell1984LuxembourgDésirée Nosbusch1985SwedenLil Lindfors1986NorwayÅse Kleveland1987BelgiumViktor Lazlo1988IrelandPat Kenny and Michelle Rocca1989SwitzerlandJacques Deschenaux and Lolita Morena

Who is your favourite presenter from the 1980s?