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White rocker for Belarus

07 May 2009 at 14:15 CEST

Strong beats were heard from the arena during the second Belarusian rehearsal today. Petr Elfimov's entry had only some slight changes since his first rehearsal. He had his white leather costume on - a symbol of luck for him. Anastasia Tihanovich, a representative of the national broadcaster BTRC, informed us that Petr would wear it also in the First Semi-Final. A person covered in a white long sheet with red light effects should symbolize the feelings Petr Elfimov sang about. The musician playing an electric guitar wore also a white leather jacket. The Belarusian representative in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, Koldun, was present at the Belarusian rehearsal, too. In the press conference Anastasia Tihanovich was asked how much ice crem the Belarusian delegation had brought. She said 36000, which means 20 portions for every journalist!


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