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Which entries do we still miss?

15 March 2010 at 12:26 CET

First of all, there's no official confirmation from the French broadcaster about their entry for Europe's favourite TV-show. There's been some speculation, starting from Christophe Willem and star DJ David Guetta. By now, the most likely candidate seems to be the young singer Jessy Matador. You can read about that possibility about our article about him.

Is he going to follow Patricia Kaas, remains to be seen and as always, the final deadline for submitting an entry is by the 22nd of March, during the Heads of Delegations meeting next week.

But France is not the only country that hasn't announced their entry. Namely, we still do miss the Azerbaijani and Israeli songs. 

What about in Azerbaijan?

It's been an interesting process this year - picking the Azerbaijani entry. First of all, three finalists were chosen, then they were told to forget their entries and they all got new songs. After that, Safura was the one picked by a jury out of those finalist to represent the Land of Fire, but once again - no song. 

So, when will we know their entry? The latest message is that it'll happen this Friday, 19th of March. Will it be so, we'll see in just some days! 

What is sure, though, is that Safura's been very busy with preparing for Oslo and is now in Sweden, practising for her performance at the 55th Eurovision Song Contest. Check out her first video blog entry below.


Last national selection of this season

And then, tonight we'll have the Israeli national selection where the internally chosen artist - Harel Skaat - will perform four songs, Le'an?, Elayich, Millim and Le'hitkarev. Out of those, one will be picked for him to perform in Oslo. He is said to be very pleased with the standard of songs that were shortlisted.

Harel Skaat has been supported by the former Eurovision Song Contest winner Anne Marie David over the past week and during the Miss Israel competition they performed together a duet of her 1973 winner for Luxembourg Tu Te Reconnaitras. By the way, soon we can also reveal the winners of his interview competition!

This selection will conclude the televised national selections for this season. Now it's time for the chosen ones to practise, practise and more practise before they take the stage in Oslo. Also, many of them will go on promotional tours, so, be sure to keep your eyes opened for any opportunities to see them before May!