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When Scott Fitzgerald met Glen Vella

The superbly organised event took place at the Chancellors Hotel in Manchester and were in attendance to meet the stars. After an afternoon of quizzing,a special song contest and a press conference with the guests which also included the director of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest film Sounds Like Teen Spirit, Jamie J Johnson, the evening kicked off with a Stars In Your Eyes Eurovision style competition which was won by Vikki Spence performing Hera Bjork's Je Ne Sais Quoi. Then followed the performances of Scott Fitzgerald and Glen Vella.

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What do Scott and Glen have in common?

Although they participated in different generations of Europe's Favourite TV Show, and indeed under different formats of the competition 23 years apart, Scott and Glen became instant friends in Manchester.

They also have one very unique thing in common with regards to their participations, in 1988 Scott Fitgerald performed Go for the United Kingdom, and lost by just one point to the eventual winner who was none other than Switzerland's Celine Dion!. Glen Vella's Maltese entry One Life also missed out on the Grand Final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest by just one point, and in a remarkable twist of fate, the country which beat Glen's entry by one point was also Switzerland, this time with Anna Rossinelli.

Songs and laughter

You can see some of Scott and Glen's performances at the event, hear what they both thought about losing by one point and see some hilarious renditions of One Life and Go, hear a special cover version of a United Kingdom contest winner from the past as well as seeing Scott and Glen saving the last dance for each other in the unmissable video below.

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The sparrow that flew away

During the questions and answer session in the afternoon, Scott Fitzgerald was asked about his feelings when the final votes from Yugoslavia came in at the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest, and the realisation that Celine Dion had pipped him to the bost by just one point. You can see how Scott answered that question during the performance of the United Kingdom's 1988 entry Go in the video below.

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