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What's your favourite winner from the past decade?

28 May 2016 at 20:05 CEST
To date there have been 61 editions of the Eurovision Song Contest. In 1969 four countries tied for first place meaning that when Jamala won the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest for Ukraine she became the 64th winner. The past decade has seen a variety of different musical styles win the Eurovision Song Contest from the winning ballad for Serbia in 2007, Molitva, performed entirely in Serbian to Loreen's dance hit Euphoria which won for Sweden in 2012. Which song is your favourite winner from the last ten years? 

The ten most recent winners of the Eurovision Song Contest

  • 2007: Molitva by Marija Šerifović (Serbia)
  • 2008: Believe by Dima Bilan (Russia)
  • 2009: Fairytale by Alexander Rybak (Norway)
  • 2010: Satellite by Lena (Germany)
  • 2011: Running Scared by El and Nikki (Azerbaijan)
  • 2012: Euphoria by Loreen (Sweden)
  • 2013: Only Teardrops by Emmelie de Forest (Denmark)
  • 2014: Rise Like a Phoenix by Conchita Wurst (Austria)
  • 2015: Heroes by Måns Zelmerlöw (Sweden)
  • 2016: 1944 by Jamala (Ukraine)  

Key facts 

  • 8 of the 10 songs were performed entirely in English 
  • Serbia's winner from 2007, Molitva, was performed in Serbian
  • Ukraine's winning song in 2016, 1944, was performed in both English and Crimean Tatar - the first time this language has ever been performed on the Eurovision stage
  • 9 soloists and one duet
  • Austria's winner Conchita Wurst is to date the only drag queen to have won the Eurovision Song Contest.