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What's the buzz between Vasyl and Safura?

08 March 2010 at 13:43 CET

On Saturday the Ukrainian national final for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest was held where their artist, Vasyl Lazarovych, performed five entries. The winner was, as already reported, the lyrical song I Love You... It got the maximum score from both, the jury and the viewers.

Among others, the Azerbaijani participant, Safura, also took the stage and heard the song that night. This lead to some very interesting photos taken of the two stars meeting.  Apparently, Vasyl couldn't take his eyes off from Safura the whole evening, our sources said. What do you think, is there something going on between those two?

May the things between them be as they are, the Ukrainian heartbreaker also released a video where he greets every woman in the world for today's international Women's Day. See it below!


More work ahead

Although the Ukrainian song was chosen almost unanimously, it will have further improvement. "The work only starts and soon we will record the backing track of the song I Love Youā€¦ together with the Berlin Orchestra in co-operation with best European sound producers," Lazarovych added.

As for the Azerbaijani entry, the decision is still work in progress, even though, Safura did give hints what her favourite is by performing Drip Drop in Kyiv on Saturday, winning many hearts. Brandon Stone, who wrote a song for Vasyl Lazarovich, pointed out that Drip Drop has all the chances of becoming a real hit this spring. 

How will both of these entries do in Oslo, at the 55th Eurovision Song Contest, that can you decide in May.