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What's Hadise doing?

Posted 17 July 2009 at 13:38

Hadise, the Belgian star with Turkish routes gathered a total of 177 points in Moscow from countries all over Europe. After the wonderful performances there, she continued her work, mainly in Belgium. The last months she's been doing that also in Turkmenistan and Turkey.
What if you didn't see her performing yet? Not in Moscow or Belgium or Turkey? Then check out the calendar below for her upcoming events!
  • 16 August at Terras Bilzen in Bilzen, Belgium
  • 22 August at Maanrock in Mechelen, Belgium
  • 22 August at Beverse Feesten in Beveren, Belgium
  • 23 August at Parkpop in Oostkamp, Belgium
  • 30 August at Mol Feest in Mol, Belgium
  • 18 October at Concertgebouw in Brugge, Belgium
  • 30 October at CC Staf Versluys in Bredene, Belgium
Hadise has also been filming a new video for her single Fast Life in Istanbul, Turkey and visiting Azerbaijan in the meantime. The latter just some days ago. "I’ve heard that I’m so loved in Azerbaijan and I will feel it at the stage today. I will stay in Baku three days and give two concerts,” she told the local news agency APA.
Hadise represented Turkey this year at Europe's favourite TV-show and ended up fourth with Düm Tek Tek.
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