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Photo: Thomas Hanses (EBU)

What next for the performers of Eurovision 2016?

It's nearly a week since the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest took place in Stockholm, Sweden. Jamala won the contest for Ukraine with the song 1944. Whilst for many performers, participating in the Eurovision Song Contest is the high point of their career, for others it can be a launch pad to other things. We caught up with some of the artists from 2016 to find out their plans for after the contest. 

It's likely that Jamala's plans may have changed following her victory, however prior to performing in the Grand final she planned to keep touring:  

After the Eurovision Song Contest I'll keep touring, because this event is in the middle of my Ukrainian tour. On 24th May, I'm going to perform at the main venue in my country.

Michał Szpak, who finished in 8th place for Poland showed no signs of slowing down:

After the Eurovision Song Contest, I have no time for a holiday. I will go to the National Festival of Polish Song in Opole to sing as last year's winner, but I hope to sleep longer too.

Justs who represented Latvia planned to keep busy after Stockholm:

I have many plans after the Eurovision Song Contest; news songs will be revealed, and also some concerts are planned.

Gabriela Gunčíková who took the Czech Republic to the Grand Final for the first ever time said that a holiday was on the top of her list of priorities for after Stockholm. Freddie from Hungary seemed to be following her lead and planned to rest after the Eurovision Song Contest was over.

Heroes of their time

When Jamala arrived back in Ukraine she was greeted by fans and press at the airport. However it's not only the winner that is given a hero's welcome. This year a number of artists were warmly received when they arrived back home. Dutch representative Douwe Bob was greeted by fans and press at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport:

Meanwhile in Spain, Barei was welcomed by fans at the airport when she landed:

One of the biggest celebrations took place in Sofia, Bulgaria when Poli Genova returned home after securing the best ever placing (4th) for Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest:

Russia's Sergey Lazarev posted a video thanking his fans for all their support and congratulated Ukraine's Jamala on her victory. 

There can only be one winner of the Eurovision Song Contest but who knows what star of the future may emerge from the 2016 competition?