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What happened to Svetlana's 'wheels of hell'?

30 July 2009 at 16:59 CEST
Svetlana Loboda performing 'Be My Valentine (Anti-Crisis Girl)' at Eurovision 2009

One of the first remarkable events she went to after being on stage in Moscow, was another TV-show held in Ukraine. This time it was a comedy show making jokes about the Eurovision Song Contest.  

She was among other former participants of Europe's favourite TV-show, including Ani Lorak (placed second in Belgrade last year), Tina Karol (represented Ukraine in 2006), Anastasia Prikhodko (fought for Russia in Moscow this year) and of course the Ukrainian Eurovision Song Contest hero, Ruslana who won back in 2004.

The hosts tried to imitate the trick Loboda planned for Moscow already - falling from the roof to the stage - but with dummies! However, an accident occurred and the dummy's head fell down to the stage. The dummy was 'interviewed' in spite of the accident and this paved a way of laughter for the real performance of Svetlana. 

What happened to the 'wheels of hell'?

Shortly after that she had the chance of meeting the most-sold Russian artist, Alla Pugacheva, who also represented her country at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1997. The famous singer, who announced her retirement this year, praised Svetlana's performance in Moscow. 

During that same meeting with Pugacheva, Svetlana also got in contact with the singer's good friend, Maxim Galkin to whom she explained the faith of her infamous 'wheels of hell' which accompanied the singer on stage in Moscow. "After the results I wanted to leave them to the Olimpiyski Arena, but my director advised to collect them, citing the high cost of toll formalities. That's how the wheels are in the garage with my dad now, the pets play with them," Svetlana explained.

But if that was not all, she was also awarded a prize for 'significant contribution to the development of music' in Ukraine by the National Academy of Sciences. Ignoring the crisis seems like a good idea!

Svetlana Loboda represented Ukraine at the 54th Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow this year with her Be my Valentine! (Anti-crisis Girl) and finished twelfth in the Final.