What happened this week?


Last Monday the so-called Euroweek started in Lemesos, Cyprus, where the 6th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest was held. We saw all the rehearsals of our young stars, Dima Bilan and Evridiki! It all culminated with a fabulous show on Saturday! The EBU was "very pleased" with the production, a new documentary about the show was introduced as well as the co-operation with UNICEF. Read more about all of it at!

As for the world of the Eurovision Song Contest, Sweden announced more, more, more and then some more participants of the Melodifestivalen. Spain said they'd be using a similar format to last year's and that they've already received more than 100 entries! Also, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Slovakia released the details of their national selection. The Bulgarian selection has already started and last week they chose more entries to qualify for the semi-final.

What will the new week bring to us? Stay tuned!

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