What happened this week?

On Monday it was revealed this week that the BBC is trying to give a boost to their next Eurovision Song Contest participation and has asked the fans for advice. What they didn't do was confirm the new selection format nor that the composer Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber would help the broadcaster in this process, as reported before in the media.

Former Eurovision Song Contest participants made it to the news this week - a new movie shows how Celine Dion won the contest in 1988 and how she rose to stardom. Ralph Siegel, the composer who has written 18 songs which have taken part in the contest, wants to have another go in 2009! Julio Iglesias on the other hand remembered his participation and praised it as a good learning experience.

National selections have been taking the stage this week too: the Bulgarian selection already had its second quarter-final, the Danish broadcaster DR got 50% more songs submitted and the Slovenian national selection will be slightly different this time.

You can now also have a say in the future of the official website Eurovision.tv and perhaps design a calendar for the contest itself!

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