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What connects Karl Lagerfeld to Eurovision?

Posted 30 May 2011 at 11:22

Apparently, one of the first memories of the designer is the Schwarzkopf legendary silhouette and that's how he decided to get involved with an idea the company had - to have a so-called pop-up store, dubbed the Schwarzkopf lightbox.
He gave his creative touch to the whole concept that ended up first in Düsseldorf, during the 56th Eurovision Song Contest.
"It was pretty hard to get all the votes," a winner from Turkey revealed. "But finally we're all here and we're having the time of our lives!"
On the day of the Grand Final in Düsseldorf, all the tens of winners of the contest, got to visit the store and meet some of the most interesting people in the fashion business!
Also, as they all won also tickets to the Grand Final and a VIP treatment there, we asked them about their feelings about the contest itself.
Check it out in our video below!
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