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What are the Eurovision 2019 stars up to this summer?

With Europe's heatwave behind us and August in full swing, the summer season is reaching its peak. Whilst some of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest stars are currently on holiday, work continues for others. Let's find out what this year's artists are up to during the summer: working hard or playing hard?

For some artists the summer is everything but a quiet time, like for Belgium's Eliot who is working on new music.

Eliot is not the only one working on new music, Czech Republic's Lake Malawi is doing the same in Prague. They are working together with Norway's JOWST, who participated in Kyiv in 2017 with the song Grab The Moment...

Meanwhile, Finland's Darude flew to the United States for his Hide Summer Tour. Last week he performed in New York City.

France's Bilal Hassani received a Gold YouTube award for reaching 1 million subscribers on his channel. Congratulations, Bilal!

Luckily, some artists get to enjoy a well-deserved summer break. Romania's Ester Peony travelled to Greece for her summer holiday.

Albania's Jonida Maliqi has been relaxing by the pool together with her family.

What about this year's winner?

Since he won the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, Duncan Laurence from the Netherlands did not miss a beat; he performed in multiple television shows and at music festivals across Europe. Recently he spent time in Los Angeles to write new music.

Which Eurovision 2019 songs do you have on 'Replay' this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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