"We'll do even better in Final" say first qualifiers

The successful ten candidates from tonight made their way to the obligatory winners press conference. At the conference  the delighted artists pick their position in the Final, they also spoke with the press. Each country usually had to take two questions, one from their own national media, and the second from the international media.


The first artist to take questions was Nina from Serbia. Virtually every artist was asked about how they felt about making the Final.

"I hope I will do even better in the Final" said Nina, "and that it will be as magical as the Semi-Final. It was just amazing, and it was just great to be first to be announced in the Final."


When Lithuanian representative Evelina discovered she had reached the Final  she "jumped high into the sky. I hope in an hour or two I will realise what has happened."

Evelina expressed her sorrow for those that hadn't reached the Final, a sentiment that several other artists also mentioned when talking about how they were feeling this evening.


Loucas Yiorkas and Stereo Mike from Greece, also congratulated all ten of their fellow finalists. "I gave all my soul in the performance, and for the next thirty minutes I was empty. I gave my soul and I thank you so much."


Ell and Nikki said "it was a pleasure and honour" to know those that hadn't made it to the Final. "We wish them good luck and we will miss them, but the friendship continues."

One fan commented that Nikki looked nervous before going on stage tonight. She replied that "I was excited beforehand and my daughters were watching me and it was so important not to fail."


The first question for the Georgian band Eldrine was whether they thought the kind of songs in the contest were the sort of songs that it took to win the contest, or songs that represented the culture of the country?

"Some represent their culture and it is very good, and I'm proud that our product is Georgian."

Eldrine was asked whether they had expected the result, and whether they had any favourites for the Final?

"All of us hoped to be in the Final and it is an achievement, but I didn't think about it. it was a shock, and it is great. I want to thank all people. I have favourites, and there are some very strong songs." However the singer diplomatically didn't mention which were those strong songs by name.


Anna was asked what her thoughts were before going on stage?  "I was very nervous, but it is so cool to be here. Thank you for voting for me. it is just so hard to say and I can't imagine that I'm in the Final."

She received the ultimate accolade, when someone asked her if she was Switzerland's next Celine Dion? The remark went down very well with all concerned, and all Anna could say was "Thanks!"


Kati Wolf was asked about what she thought about when performing in the arena, when she saw and heard everyone standing, clapping and dancing along to her song?

"I heard a magical voice from the audience, it was amazing for a singer, and I think I am dreaming now."

 Did she have any message for her fans who supported her? "Thank you, and do it again on Saturday" was her reply.


It was pointed out that Paradise Oskar was the youngest competitor in the contest, so he was asked what he had learned tonight about showbusiness?

"I'm very grateful that people voted for me to be in the Final, and that there are so many other good songs in the Final."

He hadn't thought too much about it being a competition, but that it was "an honour, and I'm having fun singing. I'm not thinking that far ahead. I can't think about winning."


Who had been the first to congratulate Alexej, and what was he going to be doing the next morning? This was the question put to the Russian singer.  There was speculation that it might have been his dog that he brought along with him!

"I will sleep" was his reply to the latter part of the question. "It wasn't easy to wait for Russia to be announced in the Final. I want to thank everyone and there are lots of good artists not here, and I applaud them."

The Russian party was scheduled for Wednesday after the First Semi-Final, so had he been confident of qualifying, otherwise the party might have been something of a non event.

"It wasn't easy. I didn't know what would happen. I am happy to have the party, and to have fun. Sometimes everyone should have a dream, and now that I'm in the Eurovision Final, I am very happy!"


It was pointed out that this is the third time that Iceland has been the last enveloppe to be announced in a Semi-Final, and inevitably the questions were related about being the last to know their fate.

"There were so many talented artists, that we were cheering and enjoying oursleves. We are happy to reach the Final for Sjonni."

"We hoped that our song would touch some people, and that we should live for today. None of us know how long we have," they recalled referring to their late friend  "we just had the hope and just cheered when it was revealed." 

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The line up for the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest is filling up, and the rehearsals will start all over again tomorrow for the Second Semi-Final. Stay tuned to Eurovision.tv to follow all of the action first hand from Düsseldorf.

Video from the press conference:

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