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We have ten more finalists!

17 May 2013 at 00:56 CEST

We have another ten qualifiers, and these are as follows, in the order they were announced:

  • Hungary
  • Azerbaijan
  • Georgia
  • Romania
  • Norway
  • Iceland
  • Armenia
  • Finland
  • Malta
  • Greece

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The 17 acts were competing in the Second Semi-Final of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in order of appearance:

  1. Latvia: Here We Go by PeR
  2. San Marino: Crisalide (Vola) by Valentina Monetta
  3. FYR Macedonia: Pred Da Se Razdeni by Esma and Lozano
  4. Azerbaijan: Hold Me by Farid Mammadov
  5. Finland: Marry Me by Krista Siegfrids
  6. Malta: Tomorrow by Gianluca
  7. Bulgaria: Samo Shampioni by Elitsa & Stoyan
  8. Iceland: Ég Á Líf by Eyþór Ingi
  9. Greece: Alcohol Is Free by Koza Mostra featuring Agathon Iakovidis
  10. Israel: Rak Bishvilo by Moran Mazor
  11. Armenia: Lonely Planet by Dorians
  12. Hungary: Kedvesem by ByeAlex
  13. Norway: I Feed You My Love by Margaret Berger
  14. Albania: Identitet by Adrain Luljuraj & Bledar Sejko
  15. Georgia: Waterfall by Nodi Tatishvili & Sophie Gelovani
  16. Switzerland: You And Me by Takasa
  17. Romania: It's My Life by Cezar


Second Semi-Final concludes

The second ten finalists (beside those already known: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and last year’s winning country Sweden, but also those chosen in the First Semi-Final), will take part in the Grand Final of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place on Saturday the 18th of May. 

The result was determined by way of a 50/50 split between national expert juries and televoting. The combined scores created the final outcome. In yesterday's Jury Final, the expert juries already determined their votes for the Second Semi-Final by watching the live performances. Televoting took place tonight during the live show.

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17 Songs: 20 countries voted

Seventeen songs have participated in the Second Semi-Final, and professional juries and viewers in each of the participating countries, as well as in Germany, France and Spain have voted tonight. For the first time, smartphone and tablet users had a chance to vote using the official Eurovision app.

Each jury is comprised of five members, (including a chairperson). Each jury member ranked last night all the songs in the show and TV viewers have voted during tonight's show. The EBU's televoting partner Digame merged the points given by the jury and the televoters per individual country. 

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About the show

More than ten thousand fans arrived at Malmö Arena to watch the Second Semi-Final of Europe's Favourite TV Show. The atmosphere built with everyone wondering which ten songs will qualify for Saturday's Final. Check out our gallery below to see some images of the fans arriving.

For 42 years it was a part of the Eurovision Song Contest. The live orchestra supported contestants and gave traditional value to Europe’s Favourite TV Show. Back then, all participating countries were invited to send their best conductors. The performance of Urban Orchestra (An Orchestra of dancers) demonstrated traditional orchestra's role in Eurovision Song Contest and how the modern way of making music made an entrance in the show. It’s was a tribute to the past and welcome to the future!

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After the performance of 17 contestants, the audience in the Malmö Arena and millions of viewers across Europe could enjoy the Interval act called Swedish Pop Voices - the performance of Swedish pop stars Agnes and Darin.