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We have our first ten finalists

11 May 2016 at 01:02 CEST
Ten winners from the first Semi-Final Thomas Hanses (EBU)
Tonight in the first show of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, broadcast live from the Globe Arena, 18 countries took part in the first Semi-final in order to qualify for the 10 places available in Saturday's final. We now have our ten qualifiers, and they are as follows; in the order they were announced.
  • Azerbaijan
  • Russia
  • The Netherlands
  • Hungary
  • Croatia
  • Austria
  • Armenia
  • Czech Republic
  • Cyprus
  • Malta

The ten winners will shortly have a press conference where they will also draw their position to be in either the first or second half of the Grand Final.

The first Semi-Final contenders

  1. Finland: Sing It Away sung by Sandhja
  2. Greece: Utopian Land sung by Argo
  3. Moldova: Falling Stars sung by Lidia Isac
  4. Hungary: Pioneer sung by Freddie
  5. Croatia: Lighthouse sung by Nina Kraljić
  6. Netherlands: Slow Down sung by Douwe Bob
  7. Armenia: LoveWave sung by Iveta Mukuchyan
  8. San Marino: I Didn't Know sung by Serhat
  9. Russia: You Are The Only One sung by Sergey Lazarev
  10. Czech Republic: I Stand sung by Gabriela Gunčíková
  11. Cyprus: Alter Ego sung by Minus One
  12. Austria: Loin d'ici sung by ZOË
  13. Estonia: Play sung by Jüri Pootsmann
  14. Azerbaijan: Miracle sung by Samra
  15. Montenegro: The Real Thing sung by Highway
  16. Iceland: Hear Them Calling sung by Greta Salóme
  17. Bosnia & Herzegovina: Ljubav Je sung by Dalal, Deen, Ana & Jala
  18. Malta: Walk on Water sung by Ira Losco


The first Semi-Final concludes

The first ten finalists (beside those already known,Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom), will take part in the Grand Final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place on Saturday the 14th of May. Another ten finalists will be chosen in the second Semi-Final on 12th of May.

18 Songs: 21 countries voted

The result was determined by a combination of national expert juries and televoting. The combined scores created the final outcome. In yesterday's Jury Final, the expert juries already determined their votes for the first Semi-Final by watching a live feed of the performances. Televoting took place tonight during the transmission of the live show.

If you missed the show, you can still watch it here.

Who were your favourites tonight? Let us know below.