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Watch tonight: Who will sing for Poland?

05 March 2016 at 22:25 CET
Michał Szpak, one of the Polish hopefuls Michał Szpak's official facebook profile
Nine best acts out of 88 applications have been picked by an expert jury in Poland. Tonight, these nine participants will compete for an honour to represent Poland in Stockholm. Watch the Polish national selection broadcast live at 21:25 CET on the TVP official site.  

Tonight's Polish national final will be a focus of excitement and entertainment for many Eurovision fans. This evening, Polish TV viewers will decide on their representative in the 61st Eurovision Song Contest. Will it be Natalia Szroeder with her only song in Polish Lustra? Or is it rather a duel between two huge stars Margaret and Edyta? Don't miss this thrilling show broadcast live from Warsaw on TVP web site at 21:25 CET. 

Nine following acts will be presented in tonight's show:

  • Natalia Szroeder - Lustra
  • Edyta Górniak - Grateful
  • Taraka - In the Rain
  • Aleksandra Gintrowska - Missing
  • Michał Szpak - Color of Your Life
  • Margaret - Cool Me Down
  • Kasia Moś - Addiction
  • Dorota Osińska - Universal
  • Napoli - My Universe


The winner in tonight's Polish final will be chosen by solely televoting. So it is up to Polish viewers only who they want to send to Stockholm. Only one vote for every act is allowed from every telephone number. The TV viewers will be able to vote only for that act that is performing on stage at that moment. After the last act is performed, the televoting will be open for 10 minutes. The voting results will be announced by Monika Kuszyńska, the Polish representative in Vienna last year. 

Tonight's host and guests

The show will be opened by Monika Kuszyńska, the Polish representative in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. Monika will perform her last year's Eurovision entry In The Name Of Love. The singer will also have an honour to announce the voting results in tonight's national final.

Andrzej Piaseczny, known as Piasek, who represented Poland in the 2001 with his song 2 Long, will appear in tonight's show as a specal guest.  

The show will be hosted by Artur Orzech, a well known Polish journalist and comentator of the Eurovision Song Contest for the last 20 years.

The nine hopefuls in the Polish national selection


Margaret’s real name is Małgorzata Jamroży. The release of her debut single Thank You Very Much in 2013 made Margaret popular at the national and international music scene. Margaret collaborated with the award-winning director Chris Piliero (who collaborates with The Black Keys and Britney Spears), who created a controversial music video for her debut single that reached charts in Austria, Germany and Italy.

In 2014, Margaret collaborated with Thomas Karlsson and Mats Tärnfors, to create the official song of the 2014 FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship in Poland. She performed Start A Fire at the 2014 FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship Opening Ceremony.

Margaret’s first album Add The Blonde, released in 2014 reached number 8 on the Polish Albums Chart and was certified platinum in Poland. Her album Just The Two Of Us is the collaboration with Canadian jazz singer Matt Dusk. It was released in 2015, and peaked at number 28 on the Polish Albums Chart.

"In my short music career, the Eurovision Song Contest is the biggest challenge for me", said Margaret in the Polish TV programme Świat Się Kręci. Tonight, she will sing Cool Me Down.


Edyta Górniak

Edyta was the first ever participant who represented Poland in the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest. She reached the second place with her song To Nie Ja! and thus achieved Poland's best ever position. 

Tonight, Edyta will perform Grateful.


Taraka is a Polish-Ukrainian band founded by the main vocalist Karol Kus in 2012. Karol Kus writes, composes and produces songs for his band. The band also consists of Marian Lomaha (violin), Roman Chraniuk (bass guitar, contrabass) and Jakub Miarczyński (drums).

Taraka performs folk, rock and pop songs. The Band’s Eurovision entry In The Rain is about the immigration in our European society as a global society. Taraka’s repertoire consists of two albums Biała wódka (2013) and Podaj rękę Ukrainie (2014) and a few singles. 

Aleksandra Gintrowska 

Aleksandra Gintrowska (also Ola Gintrowska) is a singer, a writer and an actress. Her voice has a rich timbre. Depending on the kind of music, it features a variety of tones - from the classical, operatic and lyrical to the lighter, more entertaining. 

Having graduated from the faculty of opera, Aleksandra continued her education at drama department at Kingston University in London, where she developed her acting and singing skills. 

Ola played in various musicals and burlesques in London, e.g. This Is Musical, Gems From The Shows, Cell Block Tango. She also sang at Kisiel’s Awards Galas. Furthermore, Ola Gintrowska performed some of Przemysław Gintrowski’s songs. Now the singer is working on the release of her first album Aura

Tonight, Aleksandra Gintrowska will perform Missing.



Dorota Osińska 

Besides singing, Dorota is also an actress. Since 2003 she is a member of the Rampa Theater in Warsaw. Dorota participated in the second edition of The Voice Of Poland where she amazed the jury panel and the audience with her interpretation of Calling You, and reached the second place.

In 2004, Dorota’s debut album Idę, under supervision of Włodzimierz Korcz, was released in Poland and the USA. Her second album Kamyk Zielony was recorded in 2010. Magda Czapińska composed songs for Dorota's album. Teraz is Dorota’s third solo album, released in 2013.

Tonight, Dorota Osińska will perform Universal. 

Natalia Szroeder

Natalia Szroeder is a singer and a songwriter. She became famous after her cooperation with the Polish rapper Liber. She performed with such artists as the pianist Tomasz Stroynowski and the singer Weronika Korthals. Natalia Szroeder participated in various concerts like Od przedszkola do Opola and TV shows like Chwała na wysokości. Her singing can be heard in the movie Między kroplami deszczu. Natalia’s debut single Jane was released in 2012. Her idol is Michael Jackson.

In tonight’s final, Natalia Szroeder is the only one who sings her song Lustra in Polish.

Michał Szpak

Michał started singing when he was nine years old. As a student Michał was part of the band Whiplash that plays mostly hard rock. In 2011 Michal Szpak participated in the Orange Warsaw Festival along with such artists as Moby, Skunk Anansie, My Chemical Romance and others. In the same year Michał participated in the Polish TV talent show X Factor where he came second in the final.

Last year, Michał Szpak released his first album Byle być sobą. 

Tonight, Michał Szpak will perform his song Color of Your Life. 

Kasia Moś

Kasia Moś performs songs in electro soul genre. On stage the singer is accompanied by Mateusz Moś (violin, vocalist) and Mateusz Kołakowski (key board).

Kasia graduated from the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music, jazz and vocal departments. She participated in the third edition of Must Be the Music. Tylko muzyka and reached the finals. The singer took part in various festivals like Spring Break (Poznan), the Carpathia Festiwal (Rzeszów)and Woodstock. In 2015, Kasia released her debut album Inspiration.

Tonight, the singer will perform Addiction.


In this year’s Polish final there is the Belarusian band Napoli. This season, Napoli have already participated in the Belarusian selection, but came second after IVAN.

Tonight, the band will again try their luck with the entry My Universe.