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Watch tonight: Serbia's Song for Europe!

12 March 2016 at 13:15 CET
Sanja Vučić ZAA RTS
Serbian representative in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest has a big premiere tonight! In the show Serbia's Song for Europe, Sanja Vučić ZAA will perform her entry Goodbye in public for the very first time. The song was written by Ivana Peters, and it's about the violence against women. Join us, watch the show at 21:00 CET on

In tonight's show, ZAA and her will be introduced to the viewers in Serbia and abroad  Sanja Vučić will tell us more about her dreams, desires, fears, and, of course, about her passion for music.

RTS show Serbia's Song for Europe will be aired tonight at 21:00 and for the viewers abroad, the subtitles in English will be provided.

Four anchors with "four special assignments" will be in charge for a good atmosphere in the studio. Slobodan Šarenac will check whether the Serbian entrant has a competitive spirit and whether she will do her best to win.

Vlada Jelić (RTS news anchor) will confront ZAA with some singing challenges and will be the first to announce it in the news. Dejan Pantelić has some quiz questions for Sanja, while Milan Popović will take a peek into her suitcase and see whether she has packed the Serbian flag in her suitcase for Europe or not.

About Sanja Vučić ZAA

Sanja Vučić ZAA (23) is from Kruševac, Serbia. Since she was a child, Sanja has been expressing talent for music. She finished both primary and secondary music school in her hometown (section: opera singing).

During the studies, Sanja sang in various ensembles, ranging from the band performing ethno music Bele vile (White Fairies), over the jazz orchestra, to the church choir Sveti Knez Lazar (Saint Prince Lazar) with which she toured Hungary, Belarus and Poland.

Furthermore, she attended singing master classes held by the famous opera singer Katarina Jovanović. Sanja also tried enrolling at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, but without success, which she does not consider to be a significant setback because perhaps precisely that's what led her to the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

Since April 2012, when she joined a crossover band called ZAA, as a permanent member, she has performed at more than 100 concerts in the region (at festivals like Exit, Love Fest, Nishville, Arsenal Fest, Overjam Reggae Festival in Slovenia, Lake Fest in Nikšić, etc.).

As a member of ZAA, she has had one album called "What About" recorded. Also, she is working with numerous authors and musicians as a studio singer for radio and TV jingles, advertisements and corporate videos.

The Serbian entrant for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest was chosen internally. RTS had a different approach, this time, Dragan Ilic, Head of Serbia's delegation told

"The decision was made by RTS music editors, and this method helped us to choose and send someone new. We think that our entrant will represent Serbia in Sweden in a best possible way."

About the author

Ivana Peters (42) is a composer and singer from Belgrade. She has been in the music world in the Balkans since she was a child. Having played the piano in the primary music school, she also finished secondary music school. At the age of 15, she started singing in a hip-hop group named Who Is The Best.

In 1994, being less than twenty years old, she performed at the Beogradsko Proleće (Belgrade Spring Festival), drawing attention to herself by her exceptional performance. Soon she joined the group TAP 011, one of the most successful pop dance groups in Serbia in the 90s, having many radio chart-busters.

Afterward, she left the group and formed her rock band Negativ (Negative), with which she has released three albums until now. She became an accomplished author by composing and writing lyrics for most of the group's songs.

Ivana Peters also took part in the national selection in 2004 with the song Zbunjena (Confused).

Last year Bojana Stamenov finished 10th in the Grand Final with Beauty Never Lies. Serbia will compete in the second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm on 12th May.