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Watch Tonight: Hello Malmö, this is Podgorica calling

The hip-hop duo Who See will be performing the song Igranka (The Party) for Montenegro in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden. On the stage they will be supported by the pop singer Nina Žižić.

“You can expect a really nice presentation of the band Who See and Nina. I would say in a form of relaxed conversation. We are going to talk about their careers, expectations and of course about our song for Malmö”, explains Sabrija Vulić, Head of the Press in RTCG.

Excited to see the official video for the Montenegrin entry? Watch LIVE at 20:05 CET on

Show with guests and one surprise

In order to find out, at least a bit, what can viewers from across Europe expect in tonight’s special broadcast, we asked Vulić about the concept and special guests. “We have planned one surprise, but I cannot tell you what it is. The video directed by Zoran Marković Zonjo, who was responsible for their previous videos, bringing them MTV award, is surely the highlight of the show. However, we wil have some other guests in studio too. Including some journalists who will be taking part asking questions.”

An abandoned factory in the capital Podgorica was the set of the official video clip of the Montenegrin Eurovision entry Igranka (The Party) in previous weeks. More than 200 spectators came along to witness the recording of the video.

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