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Watch tonight: Eurosong 2016 final in Belgium

17 January 2016 at 11:00 CET
Amaryllis, Tom, Laura, Adil or Astrid? One of them will be chosen to represent Belgium tonight! (VRT)
After one show to introduce the artists to the audience and another one for the songs, the time has arrived for Belgium to pick its entry for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. Five young artists will give their best to win tonight's final and you can watch it with us through our WebTV stream.

The experts for the Eurosong 2016 final will be Belgian-born Turkish superstar Hadise (Eurovision 2009) and the Contest Producer of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, Christer Björkman.

After all five songs are performed there will be a first round of voting where 50% of the result will be decided by ten international juries while the remaining 50% will be the vote of the audience. After this there will be a super final with the two acts who are in the lead of the scoreboard, and then the winner will be decided 100% by televoting.

About the songs

  • Amaryllis - Kick The Habit

An atmospheric and richly arranged pop song with a story and an addictive chorus. Kick The Habit was written by Amaryllis herself. For the production she worked with multi-instrumentalist Reinhard Vanbergen, founder of Das Pop who did production work for bands like The Happy and School is Cool.

  • Tom - I'm Not Lost

Tom pulls out all the stops in this contemporary power-pop number. He's written the song together with Yves Gaillard, who wrote in the past for Kate Ryan and Hadise. Currently Gaillard has a big hit with I Can't Say No by Leah Rue. Luuk Cox, the producer is the man behind dance project Shameboy and collaborated with Stromae. He also knows what it's like to make a Eurovision hit, as the producer of Rhythm Inside by Loïc Nottet.

  • Astrid - Everybody aches

Astrid's fragile voice comes fully into its own in this contemporary combination of a soul-ballad and electronics. One of the writers, Niko Westelinck, wrote hits for Bandits who participated in Eurosong 2014. For the production Astrid sought assistance in Farhot, a German DJ / producer who also makes electronic music. He has already worked with Selah Sue and remixed many hits.

  •  Laura - What's The Pressure

Laura is at her best with an energetic funk-pop song. The lyrics of the song are written by Belgian pop-star Selah Sue. She wrote the song along with her ex-drummer Louis Favre. Peter Gordeno's the producer. Gordeno is a British songwriter, producer, and since 1998 the permanent keyboardist of Depeche Mode.

  • Adil - In Our Nature

Adil brings a beautiful pop song with a message. Adil worked with Bas Kennis, a member of the Dutch band BLØF, who also produced In Our Nature. Will Knox also participated, he is a British singer-songwriter who co-wrote the hit album Layers by Dothan. And finally there's Joes Brands a sound engineer, producer and musician who worked in the past with Admiral Freebee and Adil's band Adil & AKA.

One of these five will be the Belgian entry for Stockholm. Remember to watch the Eurosong 2016 final tonight clicking on our link below. There will be a break in the broadcast between 21:30 and 22:20 CET approximately.