Loucas Yiorkas feat. Stereo Mike represented Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011
Loucas Yiorkas feat. Stereo Mike represented Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 Photo: EBU

Watch the Greek dance

Anticipation backstage

Loucas Yiorkas enjoyed the first rehearsal, and was happy to return backstage, preparing to do it all again. "It was very cool, I've been looking forward to the moment when I could do it again," he says.

He is also in party mood, having attended two delegation events thus far and says "Tonight we have our party. There will be some surprises, so we hope everyone can come there and have a drink with us" 

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People in Greece are giving the duo good feedback after the first rehearsal. Stereo Mike explains:

"Apparently, people there really enjoyed the first rehearsal. They see the progress from our national final appearance. And it's very nice to collaborate with the organisers here, it's all very professional."

Traditional mixed with modern

In keeping with the meaning of the song, the choreography on stage also contrasts two styles, just as with the song. There is a mix of breakdancing and traditional Greek dancing. The dancers have had to slightly change the routine, to make it more compact as they thought they would have more room on stage.

The backdrop is very dark but effective, featuring ancient ruins against black and flashing blue light.

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Eurovision is like a school

Loucas explains a little more about the concept of the song, saying "We wanted to put an English rap with this Greek sound. We wanted to mix the two elements together, the oldest folk music in Greek, and the most worldwide modern rap and hip hop together." He continues:

 I like the traditional folk Greek music, it's my favourite but I like to learn more about other styles. Eurovision is like a school for us all with the different musical styles on offer here!

Stereo Mike is a lecturer as well as a rap artist. He explains  "I teach at the University of Westminster in London, i'm here as a performer rather than a lecturer though! We're all active in the music business in our department."


Loucas promises to smile more

A journalist jokingly said that every in every promotional photograph, Loucas was not smiling. In response he said "I'm quite a serious musician, but I can assure you that in every other photo I take  from now on i'll be smiling widely!"

The team described a little more about the traditional Zeibekiko dance. "It's an old dance, spiritual dance, lonely dance, one dances by himself with a strong rhythm.It's theme is to speak about yourself to take out angers and to be strong again, to cleanse the body."

Greece are ready to host if they win

The Greek Head of Delegation was asked about the possibility of Greece being able to host next year if they won, given the current economical climate.

She replied "We are here to participate in the song contest. We are ready to participate, we know all of our rights and obligations. Our main goal is to go to the final. If we won, of course we can organise a very good contest like the 2006 one in Athens.You can organise a good contest with less cost. I can promise you Greece can organise a very good Eurovision with less money."

Loucas closed the press conference by singing his favourite song from the Eurovision Song Contest, the Serbia & Montengro entry from 2004 Lane Moje.

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