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Watch the Eurovision Young Musicians Final tonight

31 May 2014 at 03:02 CEST

The Eurovision Young Musicians contest takes place every two years, (alternating with the Eurovision Young Dancers competition) and has been taking place since 1982. 

The final of this year's Eurovision Young Musicians 2014 competition will come live from the renowned Roncalliplatz in the heart of Cologne.

Outdoor venue

The stage will be set with Cologne's iconic Cathedral as its backdrop, providing a spectacular outdoor setting as the sun sets on a summer's evening in Cologne. The building was originally started in the mid-1200s, although work was halted in 1473 until the 19th century. It was completed in 1880.

This year’s venue follows the spectacular backdrop to the 2012 competition, which was held in front of Vienna’s Rathaus.

Competition Format

New to Eurovision Young Musicians 2014 was the ‘pre-round’ concept, which replaces the semifinal stage that was used in 2012. The pre-rounds, which you can watch again on our web player, took place on Monday 26th May and Tuesday 27th May. 


In the pre-round, each of the contestants performed a 15-minute programmewatched and judged their performances, however these scores are kept secret. As it is not a semifinal, none of the acts left the competition after the pre-round.

The idea of this concept is that it allowed the participants more time to show their musical expertise before the Grand Final, and allows them to perform a longer set of pieces. 

The Grand Final

Each of the 14 participants will perform a five minute piece, which will also be judged by the five member jury. The jury members are; Prof. Dr. Clemens Hellsberg (Chairman), Carol McGonnell, Markus Pawlik,(Winner of the Eurovision Young Musicians 1982),Maurice Steger and Uroš Lajovic.

After all of the performances, the jury will consider their scores from both the pre-round and final performances of each participant, before deciding on their winner.

Prizes will be awarded to the first, second, and third placed participants.

The Final Participants

The running order was decided by host broadcaster WDR together with the Eurovision Young Musicians Steering Group, in order to separate out similar instruments and musical tempos throughout the show.

  1. Moldova: Livyka Shtirbu-Sokolov
  2. Croatia: Sara Domjanić
  3. Malta: Kurt Aquilina
  4. Hungary: Gergely Devich
  5. Slovenia: Urban Stanič
  6. Austria: Ziyu He
  7. Poland: Bartosz Kolsut
  8. Netherlands: Lucie Horsch
  9. Portugal: André Gunko
  10. Greece: Vassilis Digos
  11. Germany: Judith Stapf
  12. Sweden: Albin Uusijärvi
  13. Czech Republc: Martin Kot
  14. Norway: Sonoko Miriam Shimano Welde

Watch the Grand Final of Eurovision Young Musicians 2014 tonight at 20:00 CET on