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Watch now: The final of A Dal in Hungary

28 February 2015 at 21:24 CET

Tonight A Dal 2015 will come to an end. It is one of the most successful national selection shows for the Eurovision Song Contest, with an average audience of 1.4 million for this year's semi-final shows.

Out of an initial 30 acts, after three quarter finals and two semi-finals, eight are still in the running for the ticket to Vienna.

The Line-Up

The following eight acts will compete in the Final of A Dal 2015:

  • Boglárka Csemer - "Boggie" - Wars For Nothing
  • Ádám Szabó - Give Me Your Love
  • Zoltán Mujahid - Beside You
  • Spoon - Keep Marching On
  • Kati Wolf - Ne engedj el
  • PASSED - Mesmerize 
  • Ív - Fire
  • Bálint Gájer - That's How It Goes

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You can learn more about the finalists in our feature block below!

The Voting

There will be two rounds of voting tonight. First the expert jury consisting of Magdi Rúzsa, Philip Rákay, Jenő Csiszár and Pierrot will pick the four best songs. The jurors will allocate 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 points to the acts only after all the songs have been performed. 

Then the televoters alone will select the winner out of those four remaining entries in a super-final.

The Presenters

The final will be hosted by Csilla Tatár and Levente Harsányi. Csilla Tatár had previously been the host of various TV shows, including a popular morning show.

Levente Harsányi already was a backstage presenter in A Dal 2014. He will be the first and last point of contact with the artists before their performances, and he will make sure viewers feel involved in the behind the scenes events. Levente will also host Dal+, the new aftershow broadcast.


BOGGIE is a project of two young songwriters, singer Boglárka Csemer and keyboardist Áron Sebestyén. Melody is the central and essential element the music of BOGGIE. The songs are woven around the magical melodies delivered by Boglárka’s unique voice, singing in French and English and her native Hungarian. Her voice draws the listener into the enchanted world of French chanson as well as the emotional intensity of modern pop music intertwined with the playfulness and musical explorations of

The group was formed in 2010, the two founding members, singer Boglárka and keyboard player Áron, were soon joined by a full band to complete the present line-up: Tamás Szabó on drums, Mihály Simkó-Várnagy on bass and electric cello, Izsák Farkas on electric viola. As early as 2012 their song Japánkert (‘Japanese Garden’) was rewarded the Special Prize of the Hungarian Jazz Association.

The first self titled BOGGIE album came out in 2013 on the indie label Tom-Tom Records Hungary. The album reached number 3 on Billboard Jazz Album Chart as well as number 17 on Billboard World Music Album Chart. The high chart ranking of the album was due to the massive success of the album’s first video single, Nouveau Parfum, which went viral in early 2014, earning a view count of 30 million and numerous media features worldwide.

Their follow-up album, All Is One Is All, came out in October 2014. BOGGIE have toured numerous European cities already several times – Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, Amsterdam as well as Paris, where on one occasion they performed at the renowned festival Jazz Sur Seine. Their first American tour took place in the autumn of 2014 starting in New York.

Ádám Szabó

My name is Ádám Szabó. I am an average twenty-year-old boy who loves music. I have been addicted to loving the accordion. I studied at Lukin László Music School in Érd then at Weiner Leo Conservatory. My teacher at the Music School was Szokolay Zoltán and Ernyei László taught me at the Conservatory.

I took part in many competitions in Hungary and abroad. When I was 18 I entered for Hungary’s Got Talent Competition. I was chosen from 5 000 people to get into the finals. 

When I was twenty-one the song (Hadd legyen más – Let it be different) composed by me was among the best 30 songs of the Eurovision Song Contest in Hungary. At the same age I tried my luck in another talent spotter competition, in the X Factor where I came in fifth.

I have been studying playing the accordion at Liszt Ferenc Music Academy. I also learn to sing at Éliás Gyula.

Zoltán Mujahid

My name is Zoltán Mujahid. I was born on in 1979 in Karachi, Pakistan of a Hungarian mother and Pakistani father. I am a Hungarian national. Music had always played vital part in my life. At the age of five I began to learn Indian classical music in Karachi. Few yeas later I already took good places at talent competitions. In Hungary I went to music school and learned to play classical piano at the Weiner Leo Conservatory. Later I made my entry into jazz.

As a founder member of my secondary school’s musical studio, called the Petőfi Musical Studio I played the lead in gorgeous plays such as the Gospel of Maria, Attic, Jungle Book, Dr. Hertz. We had enormous successes not only at home but also in the neighboring countries.  At the age of seventeen I started learning jazz singing. 

A first year student at the Music Academy I entered the first series of the TV2 talent show called Megastar. With my own composition called Mondd, mennyit ér I qualified for the finals. After the competition in 2004 I went on a cross-country concert tour with the „Megastar” team.

After I finished my studies I busied myself writing songs, teaching music and playing in music clubs with my band the Freak. In 2008 I met the executive of Silver Star Records. The result of this cooperation was a maxi CD and video clip that came out in the end of the year entitled Első hó (First snow). The song is my own composition. 

In 2011 I moved to London to fill up with energy in an exciting and inspiring environment and to return with an abundance of new experiences. I finally came home in the summer of 2012 and immediately set to work. I wrote and recorded my latest song Három év (Three years). I do believe writing and singing Hungarian songs in Hungary is a worthy and rewarding task.


Spoon includes: singing, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, percussions (mainly cajon). 

The band was born about one and a half years ago, in the form of a high-school garage band, started by three classmates and a school mate. They performed on many school events an few concerts on their own.

This year they joined the Hungarian singing competition, X-factor, where they currently compete in the live shows.

Members of the band are:

  • Péter Földesi(20): guitar, vocal
  • Kristóf Teremy(19): cajon, piano, vocal
  • Miklós Nagy(20): bass guitar, vocal
  • Márton Grósz(20): singing, rhythm guitar

Kati Wolf

Kati was born in 1974 in Szentendre. She lives in Budapest and is married with two children. She was a reading-out choral conducting major at The Zeneakadémia (Academy of Music) - College of Education.

Kati was first discovered in 1981 when she sang the theme song of the incredibly successful cartoon tale titled Vuk. After graduating from college, she sang in several bands (Studio South, Sunny Dance Band, New Chocolate, Avocaldo, Enjoy).

In 2009, her first solo album titled "Wolf-áramlat" was released and her father, a well-known Hungarian composer, wrote the songs.

In 2010 Kati was cast on The X Factor Hungary and came in at #6 on the tv show. Her most successful single to date is „Szerelem, miért múlsz?” (What About My Dreams?). With this records, Kati represented Hungary at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf. She finished at #22.


PASSED has four members: David Godzsak, Levente Szabo, Dorottya Nizalowski and Fanni Nizalowski. Fanni and Dorottya have been playing the harp for 10 years now, and are currently studying in the Szent István Music High School. The twins had numerous concerts in the past two years. They are highly proficient in music theory, which has a great impact in the writing process of the PASSED songs. 

David Godzsak has been playing the guitar and bass for 7 years, and already had two rockbands, one which he used to have concerts with every single weekend. He earned a certificate at imPro Budapest School of Music Technology, where he mastered his music production skills. David is one half of the music duo called GOMA.

The other half is Levente Szabo, who has been playing the piano for 13 years, and is a music producer of 3 years. He also earned a certificate at imPro.

The two members of GOMA met in high school. They were running the school radio together, then continued their studies at Budapest, where they met Dorottya and Fanni. PASSED was formed in the summer of 2014. Since then they had many concerts, and worked together in the music section of the 2014 Miss Universe Hungary. Their first EP is set to be released in the January of 2015.


I started singing with basic jazz-standards in a real "old-boys" band, quite long time ago.Then I became the main vocalist for a short time in the underground scene of Budapest, in the band called Mantra Porno.

In 2010-2011, I founded the PLÜSSS, my first vocal group. We played jazz -soul covers. Members of the band were Nóra halász, Juli Horányi /X-Faktor/, and me.

With Valami Zsuzsi started the short period of the mainstream in my life, then I made a new band with a friend, called Ginger. Those times I met my current manager, Zsolt Jeges.

About ÍV: I’ve been in a TV show called Sztárban Sztár last winter, when I stepped on the stage as singer-partner of ByeAlex. That was ÍV's debut appearence.

Bálint Gájer

Bálint Gájer was born in Marcali, Hungary, in 1980. In 1994 he formed the Marcato Percussion Ensemble which he was as a full-time member of for ten years.Two years later he started playing music as the drummer of the Balaton M&K Horn Ensemble.

In 2010 he successfully acquired a degree in jazz studies with a teacher certification in The Liszt Academy of Music of Hungary and the debut record of his newfound group, Group'N'Swing was released. The second album, entitled Botrány (scandal) followed in 2012.

In 2013 Gájer finished second in the Hungarian version of the talent show The Voice. He also received a Fonogram-award as a member of Group’N’Swing in the category of "The Best domestic entertaining record” for Botrány.

In 2013, Gájer was honoured with the Alle Elegance Award for winning the title of "The most elegant musician."