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WATCH NOW: The Austrian final!

13 March 2015 at 21:06 CET

In what is guaranteed to be a fabulous show, six acts will fight for the honour of representing Austria on home ground in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. Their respective songs had been chosen by the show coaches - Anna F., Nazar and The Bosshoss - in last week's edition of Wer singt für Österreich.

The Line-Up

The following acts will be competing tonight:


Chosen Song

The Makemakes

I Am Yours

Celina Ann



Feel Alive


Who You Are

Johann Sebastian Bass



Quel Filou

This content is unfortunately no longer available

The show, which is the third and final edition of Wer singt für Österreich, will be hosted by Mirjam Weichselbraun.

The Voting

The voting will be a combination of 50 % jury voting, with the jurors hailing from 10 different countries, and 50% televoting. 

In the first voting round, the two most popular acts will qualify for the superfinal, in which a second round of televoting will choose the winner. So in the end it’s the Austrian TV public deciding who shall represent their country in May.

Meet the Musicians!

Check out the short biographies and quotes of the six competing acts below!

Celina Ann

Celina Ann Seilinger (23) was born in Vienna. Her father is Austrian, her mother has American-Indian roots. Celina studied jazz singing for three years before switching to pop. Her musical home is soul and funk. Celina is not only a keen singer but also a successful model.

 I do get a little nervous as the live show is drawing closer. But I am well distracted and don't have time to think about it too much. The last rehearsals are mainly about the stage act - and I think it will be cool!


After joint jam sessions in their living rooms or at friends', John and Barbara decided to perform together in front of a public. But the band was yet to grow: They got to know Laura who, with her cello, was the perfect addition to the band. The only thing still missing was the beat - and it comes from Onuwama Richson, whose broad live experience has brought new power to the band.

 It's all going haywire: Stage costumes, rehearsals, vocal coachings, interviews - we are moving at full speed but it's fun. And we are looking forward to the live show because playing live is what we love!


Mathias Kaineder, Florian Ritt and Gabriel Haider hail from Lower Austria. Folkshilfe has existed since April 2013, and it's a well-made mix of pop hits, traditional folk music, and a lot of humor. No matter if they perform in a small pub, in a large international music festival, or on a beach at the Mediterranean Sea, Folkshilfe inspire their public. And they will be remembered by anyone who has ever listened to them.

 We don't even have time to get nervous. I think this happens only shortly before the live performance. But no matter what happens, we've had the chance to present ourselves with Folkshilfe in no fewer than four shows - and this has meant a lot for us.

Johann Sebastian Bass

Johann Martinus Bass, Johann Domenicus Bass und Johann Davidus Bass, as they call themselves, supposedly met in 1755 already. They come from truly another era, when rococo and wigs were part of daily life. Finally freed from old constraints, Johann Sebastian Bass now indulge in the art of "electrococo", the fusion of live electro pop and baroque pomp. 

 A lot is happening! For our relaxed baroque background, it's a bit stressful indeed, ruffling our wigs. But we are confident that we can smoothe them till our live performance.

The Makemakes

The Makemakes are a rock band consisting of Dodo (Dominic) Muhrer, Max (Markus) Christ, and Flo (Florian) X. Meindl. Their band name originates from a dwarf planet which was in fact named after the Easter Island god of Makemake. Just one month after their foundation they released their first single The Lovercall which entered the Austrian charts, just like their latest single Million Euro Smile.

 We are feeling great, and we are looking forward to Friday. We aren't more nervous than before an ordinary concert. You must not get all worked up, it's better to remain cool and play as you always do. We don't worry too much before.


Zoe Lauren Straub is the daughter of Christof Straub, playing the guitars at Papermoon. Apart from their family ties the two are linked together by their love of chanson. They have been creating songs together since 2013, when Zoe started her singing career. Zoe is not only a musician but also a presenter and actress. 

 I feel very good. I am a little stressed but it's positive stress, and the week of the final is very exciting. Friday is decision day - and of course you are nervous in that moment!