Watch Live: Who will be the Ukrainian star for Düsseldorf?

19 contestants did it to the Ukrainian national selection to be held tonight in Kyiv. Among them, there are young talented, but still unfamous faces as well as experienced and well known names in Ukraine. Daria Medovaya sang in the famous Ukrainian group "Arktyka", Jamala took part in a lot of musical national festivals, El Kravchuk made his career in the 90th. Alexey Matias and Zlata Ognevich are trying their luck again this year, as they didn't manage it in the national Ukrainian final last year. Anastasia Prikhodko sang for Russia in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest and came 11th with her entry Mamo.

All 19 contestants will be definitely under a lot of strain this night - only one of them will get the ticket to represent the Ukrainian entry in Düsseldorf!

Here is the line-up of the participants in tonight's show:

1. Zlata Ognevich - Kukushka
2. Darya Medovaya - Infinity
3. Zhemchug - Hero
4. Bahroma - Yeyo Imya
5. Alexey Matias - Myself
6. Jamala - Smile
7. Mila Nitich - Goodbye
8. Elena Korneeva - Why Did I Say Goodbye
9. Denis Povaliy - Aces High
10. El Kravchuk - Moya Nadezhda
11. Shanis - Tsvetok
12. Vitaliy Galay - My expression
13. Mika Newton - Angel
14. Eduard Romanyuta - Berega
15. Tatyana Vorzheva - Vsyo resheno
16. Ivan Berezovskiy - Ave Maria
17. Zaklyopki - Superhero (u-la-la)
18. Vladislav Levitskiy - Love
19. Anastasia Prikhodko - Action

As in the semi-finals, the finalist in tonight's show will be chosen by decision of the profeesional jury (45 %), sms voting (45 %) and the Internet voting (10 %).

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