Watch live: Time to execute in Latvian final

The Latvian final will be webcast at in ESCTV, starting at 20:15. The clash in Latvia is tighter than ever, since Eirodziesma 2010 is decided in just one big night. In previous years, the contest has included a run of semi-finals preceding the decisive show. The Latvian concept has been shortened due to financial reasons.

For 2010, unlike previous years, only Latvian citizens are allowed to  participate. The 10 songs in the final have been selected by the broadcaster Latvijas Televīzija from a total of 79 submitted entries. During the Eirodziesma 2010 show, the viewers and the jury will select three songs progressing to a superfinal. The final battle for a place in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo will then take place between these three songs.

The running-order for the final is:

1. PeR – Like A Mouse
2. Triānas parks – Lullaby For My Dreammate (Diamond Lullaby)
3. Aisha – What For? (Only Mr. God Knows Why)
4. Lauris Reiniks – Your Morning Lullaby
5. Dons – My Religion Is Freedom
6. Projekts Konike – Digi Digi Dong
7. h2o – When I Close My Eyes
8. Kristīne Kārkla-Puriņa – Rišti Räšti
9. Ivo Grīsniņš-Grīslis – Because I Love You
10. Kristīna Zaharova – Snow In July

Latvia did not qualify for the Final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest  with Intars Busulis' Probka. In 2010, Latvia will compete in the first semi-final of the contest, on the 25 May.

Can't wait for the ESCTV webcast? You can already listen to all the competing songs at the Eirodziesma website ...

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