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Watch LIVE: Second Semi-Final about to start!

14 May 2009 at 23:00 CEST

Final preparations have been made and the 19 contestants will have rehearsed three times, twice in full make up and costumes before they take to the stage for the Second Semi-Final. Find out about the 19 participants in our Second Semi-Final Section.

From the second Semi-Final, ten countries will proceed to fill the remaining slots available in Saturday's Final. Every country that is represented in this Semi-Final has the right to vote, as well as France, Spain and Russia. Nine finalists will be decided by televoting, and one additional finalist will be the one country that has received the most votes in the national juries and has not yet qualified by televoting, unless of course the televoters and juries completely agree on the best ten songs. The ten countries going forward to the Final will again be announced in random order by opening virtual envelopes.

After the winners are announced, the remaining ten finalists will attend a press conference where their position in the Final draw will be determined. The full line up for Saturday evening's Final will then be complete.

Watch some unique footage from the dress rehearsals of the second Semi-Final here:



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Can't wait for the DVD, and already want to watch the Semi Finals again? Visit where you can watch both shows and Winners' press conferences.