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WATCH LIVE NOW: The German final!

05 March 2015 at 21:02 CET

Eight acts are in the running for the German ticket to the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, and tonight the TV public will decide who shall compete in Vienna.

The audience both in the Expo Plaza Arena in Hanover and in front of the TV sets will be treated with a broad selection of music styles, from medieval to electronic, from dazzling to rather introvert.

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The Show

The show will be presented by Barbara Schöneberger (pictured above), who comments: "The Eurovision Song Contest belongs to the year just like Christmas and carnival. I am very curious who will make it to Vienna this year." Janin Reinhardt will present the green room reactions tonight.

Three well-known acts will entertain the public during the interval: Stephanie Heinzmann (pictured), Mark Forster and last year's Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst.

The Voting

Each artist has prepared two songs. In the first round, the eight acts will present one song each. Then the televoting public will choose the four acts who will proceed to the second round, where they will present a second song.

Out of the remaining eight songs (two songs per act), the public will pick the two best for the third round of voting, where televoting will finally decide the winning entry for Vienna.

The Songs

Each act has prepared two songs for tonight's show:

  • Fahrenhaidt: Frozen Silence and Mother Earth
  • Faun: Hörst du die Trommeln and Abschied
  • Alexa Feser: Glück and Das Gold von morgen
  • Mrs. Greenbird: Shine, Shine, Shine and Take My Hand
  • Andreas Kümmert: Home Is In My Hands and Heart Of Stone
  • Laing: Zeig Deine Muskeln and Wechselt die Beleuchtung
  • Noize Generation: Song For You and Crazy Now
  • Ann Sophie: Jump The Gun and Black Smoke

How to Watch

You can watch the show live on starting at 20:15 CET!

Ann Sophie

Ann Sophie (24) was born in London and grew up in Hamburg. At the age of four, she started with ballet dancing, and at 14 she knew that she wanted to be a singer. Six years later she moved to New York to study at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute to become an actress. At the same time she started her music career, singing in bars and recording her first self-written songs. In September 2012 her first album was released, and after three years in the US she moved back to Hamburg. Ann Sophie won the club concert on February 19 and thus received a wildcard for the German final.

 To find your path of life is not always that easy. Two rules say that you better be yourself, and follow your heart. I am myself when I am music, and I am my heart when I sing. It would be a great honour to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest.


The project Fahrenhaidt is backed by Berlin-based music producers Erik Macholl and Andreas John. They describe their style as "modern nature pop", mixing contemporary electronic music with acoustic instruments. Their new album  The Book Of Nature will be released on February 6.

 Wow! We are lost for words! Working on our new album has been our passion for a whole year. The Eurovision Song Contest is a huge thing in Germany and we are happy to be part of this story along with many other exciting acts.


Faun has been part of the medieval music scene for more than ten years. The six artists Oliver s. Tyr, Fiona Rüggeberg, Niel Mitra, Stephan Groth, Rüdiger Maul and Katja Moslehner are active in their very own field of music, called "pagan folk". Their album Von den Elben went to platinum status.

 The participation in the Eurovision selection is something very special for us. We are thrilled to be part of such an extraordinary TV event and hope that we can enchant the public with our pagan folk.

Alexa Feser

As a child, Alexa Feser already created her own music on the piano - inspired by her grandfather, a jazz pianist. Before releasing her first album Gold von morgen and going on a (sold-out) tour of Germany, she worked as a DJane, paper girl, and flight hostess to finance her music career.

 I am very happy that I have been asked if I would participate. Of course I immediately said yes, especially because it's exciting to propose a song in German language for an international competition. I am sure this will be an interesting and colourful evening with great colleagues.

Mrs. Greenbird

From zero to number 1 in the German album charts - that's what the duo Mrs. Greenbird managed with their first album, which went gold in 2012. Sarah Nücken and Steffen Brückner have written all their songs themselves, and their second CD Postcards, which has been produced in Nashville, has just been released.

 We are totally happy to be invited to USFÖ in Hanover, and we feel very honoured. Of course we want to represent Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest and we will do our best to convince the public that our song can inspire all of Europe.

Andreas Kümmert

Andreas Kümmert stands for plain rock, soul, and blues. One year ago he became "The Voice of Germany" and impressed the people with his exceptional voice. His album Here I Am, produced by successful American producers Justin Stanley and Max Herre, climbed to the third place in the German charts.

 I am very happy that I can participate. I see it as a big chance to present my songs to a wide audience.


Laing, that's lead singer, songwriter and producer Nicola Rost, together with the singers Johanna Marschall and Larissa Pesch and the dancer and choreographer Marisa Akeny. With their first hit single Morgens immer müde, they became known all over Germany. Their second album Wechselt die Beleuchtung has just recently been released, a mix of minimal-electro, pop, and RnB, combined with German lyrics somewhere in between ironic and serious.

 We are very happy to be part of the line up of this year's national selection. We have already practiced a little bit in the Bundesvision Song Contest, and now we feel armed and ready for the "big brother": the legendary Eurovision Song Contest! We count on our proven mix of megalomania and minimalism: Laing are showing their muscles!

Noize Generation

Noize Generation is the stage name of Jewgeni Grischbowski ("Jeff"). The music producer and DJ has become popular mainly due to his remixes for OneRepublic, Gorillaz, and Skrillex. Recently he has rediscovered his piano and guitar playing skills and moves between electronic sounds and songwriting.

 I am already excited to find out what awaits me. A lot has happend during the last year, and the national selection gives me the opportunity to present my new music to the viewers and listeners. And that's what I am looking forward to!

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