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The procedure was easy: two semi-finals and a "second chance" round decided about the 12 songs in the Latvian final. In the first two  semi-finals, 5 songs out of 10 reached the final, three chosen by  televote while the other two will be selected by a specially-formed  expert jury. The 10 unlucky entries which didn't get chosen in the first  place went on to have another chance in the so-called "second chance" round where two more songs qualified for the final, one  selected by televote and the other by the expert jury.

Unfortunately, Triānas Parks' Upside Down won't be performed in tonight's final due to an illness of the lead singer of the group, so ultimately, there will be only 11 songs in the final.

The running order of the Latvian final looks like this:

  • Evija Sloka - Don't Stop The Dance 
  • Elīna Krastiņa - Look Back At Me Again
  • Ivo Grīsniņš-Grīslis - Cinderella 
  • The Secretz - Summer Night
  • Pieneņu Vīns - You Are
  • Jānis Stībelis - Let It Be Me
  • Oksana Ļepska - Live On!
  • Musiqq - Angel In Disguise 
  • Blitze - Hop
  • D-family - Daylight
  • Lauris Reiniks - Banjo Laura

Blitze's song was composed by Mārtiņš Freimanis - member of the group  F.L.Y which participated for Latvia in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest -  who died on the 27th of January, being only 33 years old.

Lauris Reiniks was another member of F.L.Y and is seen as the big favourite in tonight's final.

The winner will be chosen in two rounds of voting - the first to select the top 3 and the second to select the winner. The voting will be a mixture of televoting (50%) and an "expert" jury (50%).

You will be able to watch the final here on starting at 20:20h CET.

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