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Watch Kaliopi's song premiere tonight!

07 March 2016 at 10:12 CET
Kaliopi will represent her country in Stockholm Kristijan Teodorov
Kaliopi, who will sing for F.Y.R. Macedonia in this year's Eurovision Song Contest, will premiere her entry Dona tonight. Watch Kaliopi's song presentation broadcast on MKRTV at 20:15 CET!  

This year, F.Y.R. Macedonia will be represented by one of the nation’s biggest stars, Kaliopi. The singer brought her country into the Grand Final in 2012 with her song Crno i belo. Tonight, Kaliopi will present her Eurovision entry for 2016, Dona, to the public for the first time.  

Dona is the collaboration of Kaliopi and her musical partner Romeo Grill. Romeo has written the music, set the arrangement as well as the musical production of the song. And Kaliopi has written the lyrics of Dona. Kaliopi has already successfully cooperated with Romeo Grill in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. This year, the artist will perform her entry in the Macedonian language.

Kaliopi in Eurovision

In 1996, Kaliopi was awarded to represent F.Y.R. Macedonia with her composition Sano Ti, but was then eliminated in a non-televised qualifying round.

In 2012, the singer represented F.Y.R. Macedonia in Baku and reached 13th place with her powerful rock ballad Crno i belo in the Grand Final.

In 2016, Kaliopi will have the honour to sing for her country in Stockholm. Her entry Dona will be released tonight at 20:15 CET.