Watch: flash mob dance goes to Düsseldorf

Hundreds, if not thousands of people gathered last weekend in Düsseldorf, Germany, to be a part of the Eurovision Song Contest flash mob dance. The spirit was amazing and people were really enjoying themselves. 

"A flash mob dance is something which is very spontaneous, it happens in the public space and involves a lot of people dancing,"  Karene Lyngholm, the flash mob producer said, adding that the Eurovision Song Contest version is a bit different as it has been practised by some of the participants. "It's very easy and a lot of fun!" 

"What we hope to create is the feeling that we are sharing this moment, with those people, maybe you'll dance in front of your TV-screen," Lyngholm explained.

What this is all about, see what the people attending thought about it and more, below in our video.


The next flash mob dance event will be in Ljubljana, on the 29th of April. More cities are to come, stay tuned!

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