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Wake up, it's Eurovision - in China!

25 May 2016 at 21:08 CEST
At the Chinese commentary booth in the Globe Arena, Stockholm Marco Brey (EBU)
Did you know that the Eurovision Song Contest is not only broadcast live in Europe, Israel and Australia, but also in China? Hunan Broadcasting System has provided a live webcast for the 2015 and 2016 editions, and the Grand Final will be broadcast this week on Hunan TV, one of the top music and entertainment channels of the world's most populous nation. The Head of the Chinese delegation and her team, including two famous commentators, came to Stockholm all the way from the city of Changsha - watch our special feature with them!

"We have a team of 12 delegation members working here. They carry out interviews and report about the City of Stockholm, meeting the fans and audience, the progress, every semi final and final and interviewing the singers", explains Ying Lei, the Head of Delegation for China at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm.

Hunan Broadcasting System also had their own commentary booth at the Globe Arena, and two famous stars came here all the way from China to introduce Europe's Favourite TV Show to the Chinese audience. "I think we are lucky because this year we brought two very famous music icons: Kubert Leung is the music director of the top music contest I'm A Singer, and he is also very famous in the music industry. Zhoutong Wu is a famous DJ, especially in the genre of Western music."

Meet the Chinese delegation and get to know their approach in our video feature below!

Hunan Broadcasting System is one of the leading media groups in China, especially in entertainment and music. "The Eurovision Song Contest is not famous for the ordinary Chinese audience but it has been very well-known with media professionals in China. We do know that famous ABBA and Celine Dion came from Eurovision though. Many producers have watched the show and then told us how excellent it is. We contacted the European Broadcasting Union and then we introduced Eurovision to China for the first time live last year, both the Semi-Finals and the Grand Final", says Ying Lei.

Wake up, it's Eurovision!

How is the popularity of the contest progressing in China? "I think we have a break trough every year", Ying Lei states. "Last year we showed it live on our leading internet platform and this year we extended the broadcast to one of the top entertainment and music TV channels in China which is Hunan Satellite TV. For the next three years we will exclusively collaborate with the EBU on all media platforms in China."

Everyone who wants to watch the Eurovision Song Contest in China needs to get up really early: "The show starts at 3 am in the morning. That's why the slogan for the show is Wake up, it's Eurovision!"

The live broadcast is not the only way the Eurovision Song Contest is promoted in China. "We have a team of 12 delegation members working here. They carry out interviews and report about the City of Stockholm, meet the fans and audience, show the progress, interview the singers", she adds.