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Vukašin's thunderous show for Bosnia & Herzegovina

20 May 2010 at 18:32 CEST

On Thursday – the day of the Old Norse God of Thunder Thor – Bosnia & Herzegovina held their second rehearsal in Telenor Arena. For the second time, Vukašin Brajić displayed his smoke-filled show speckled with white spotlights and the rumour of thunder. He was joined on stage by three female backing singers and two male ones.

The show starts with smoke filling the floor of the stage. For the first refrain, a wind machine sets in so make it disappear in a great whirl. Vukašin then performs an electric guitar solo. Later in the song, the smoke returns.

The rail camera in the hall stopped working during the Bosnian rehearsal, making the screens turn black during parts of the song. This complicates the work for the team in the viewing room, so the Bosnian delegation discussed with the production to return to the stage later in the evening to do the rehearsal again with the all the cameras working.


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Won't have to kill himself

Regardless of the camera problem, Vukašin was positive after the rehearsal.

"It was great. All the little opinions we had last time have been taken care of now, so we made great progress, and that's the point, I guess. My first plan was to kill myself on stage to get the attention, but with this production it won't be necessary," he joked at the press conference.

The team from Bosnia & Herzegovina surprised everyone at the press conference with a performance of the entry in Norwegian. After this, they were asked to perform the song in Bosnian as well. The song will be sung in English for the Eurovision Song Contest.

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