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Voyager will journey to Liverpool for Australia

21 February 2023 at 19:30 CET
Voyager will represent Australia at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest SBS
Australian broadcaster SBS has announced that the band Voyager will be representing Australia at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, with their song 'Promise'.

The synth-metal quintet from Perth have been rallying for the opportunity to represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest ever since Australia started taking part in 2015. The band even finished in 2nd-place at 2022's pre-selection down under, Eurovision - Australia Decides, winning the public vote with their song Dreamer.

In 2023, Voyager finally get the chance to fly the Aussie flag at the Contest, becoming the first band to do so in the history of Australia's participation.

Spirits among the band are understandably high, and after touring the world many times over, Voyager are now putting all their focus on that mission to Liverpool. The band's Danny Estrin says:

“As a long-time Eurovision fan, this is the pinnacle - Voyager gets to play the greatest show on earth! Our song Promise is made for the Eurovision stage and collectively we feel it's one of our best yet. We filmed the music video in both the city of Perth and beautiful parts of Western Australia to showcase the majestic beauty of our home state. Eurovisionation, we are coming!!!”

Blending New Romantic, ‘80s infused vocals with technical, melodic framework, groovy basslines, bombastic drums, and what is fast becoming the band’s signature instrument, the keytar, Promise has been tailored to make maximum impact in Liverpool. 

Voyager will represent Australia at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest SBS

With an enticing opening lyric of “Have you ever done anything like this before?”, the band are hoping to invite audiences all over Europe and beyond into their very own world to enjoy their very own sound. 

2023 marks 40 years since SBS started broadcasting the Eurovision Song Contest to all Australians, and the eighth year that Australia has participated in the event. SBS Head of Entertainment, Emily Griggs, says: 

“Voyager bring together my love for the '80s and catchy lyrics that you can’t stop singing. I can’t wait to see Eurovision fans the world over embrace them as much as Aussie crowds have. Voyager have been determined to get centre stage for the biggest song contest in the world and SBS know they will bring that grit with them along with a whole lot of fun. Look out Europe, the Aussies are coming!” 

Meet the band

Voyager will represent Australia at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest SBS

Danny Estrin (vocals, keytar)
A keytar wielding, songwriting powerhouse who is a lawyer by day and a rockstar by night. Not only is Danny an award-winning lawyer, but his multilingual abilities are an asset to Voyager’s live shows all around the world, allowing the band to connect on a deeper level with their international audience, mesmerised by his ‘80s vocal timbre.

Simone Dow (guitars) 
A firecracker of a guitarist whose chronic pain condition only drives her further to succeed. An advocate of migraine awareness, the 7-string guitarist shreds and brings an energy to the stage unmatched by anyone else in the scene.

Scott Kay (guitars)
Scott’s technical proficiency and energy perfectly complement his sister in shred, syncopating their efforts on stage and providing a twin attack on guitars. Scott’s philosophical approach to music shines through in his performance, executing a deep and meaningful energy to every live show.

Alex Canion (bass)
The face of bass, and a killer vocalist to boot. Alex is a force of nature and connects with all his peers on stage in a way that brings a dynamic that is hard to rival in any band. Providing epic moments in the songs alongside a rhythmic foundation, Alex’s personality brings an eccentric and expressive layer to Voyager’s shows.

Ash Doodkorte (drums)
The most bombastic drummer you’ll ever see. Leading the charge with impact and momentum, Ash’s drumming is indefatigable. Not only is he a master of his craft, but he also specialises in another craft topic: beer.

Australia will be performing in the Second Semi-Final at the 67th Eurovision Song Contest.