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Second rehearsal for Voltaj
Second rehearsal for Voltaj
Photo: Thomas Hanses (EBU)

Voltaj: Whatever happens we are doing this for children left alone

Twenty years of successful career didn't change the band Voltaj from Romania at all. They are still approaching to every single project they've involved, with a same passion and excitement. "We are still giving our best to make it perfect," they've told us in the backstage while waiting the second rehearsal to begin. "We are going to make some graphical adjustments because the message of our song needs to be clear and understandable."

"The Eurovision Song Contest is a huge event and something completely different for us, considering that we usually perform live. It's a bit strange as we like to entertain our fans, even to change the song while performing. This is not possible here, but still it's not about us, it's about the message", a lead singer, Calin Gavril Goia, explained on his way to the Eurovision stage.

For the established bands with a long and successful career like Voltaj is, taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest also means more responsibility and bigger risk, as the Eurovision fans around the globe do not always recognise or acknowledge the popularity of some artists, who are new to them. "We do feel some pressure, but just a little. Anyhow, whatever happens we have a 20-year-long career, which means we will just continue where we were before this journey," Calin underlined.

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No matter what happens at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, Voltaj plans to continue fighting for the united families and happier childhood for a lot of kids in Romania, left to live with their grandparents. "We will continue with the campaign and a cooperation with the NGOs. At the same time, we are also working on our new songs. I can already announce that there's a new single we have planned to publish in August," he added.

"This is a very important rehearsal for us because this will be the last chance to change something. We still have some issues with the graphics for the stage performance as we are dealing with a really big challenge. Voltaj has a strong message, but their song is in Romanian. In other words, it's really important to make it understandable for the audience", a stage director, Daniel Klinger told while waiting for second rehearsal to begin.

There are also some adjustments, the Eurovision fans will probably notice during the second rehearsal, concerning the stage outfits, members of the band are wearing this time.

"As you can notice yourself, we are all being focused on the message of a song. The black and white contrast is what we have chosen because it's trending. The accessories are also something we are playing with. However, we still didn't decide what they will have on. There are three options. Last time you've seen one option. This time we are trying something else," Rodica Puca, a stylist in the Romanian delegation, explained and have shown us some of the costumes.

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Voltaj: Not satisfied yet, but we are getting there

"We are not satisfied with our stage performance yet. The graphic elements we have requested are still not ready. But it was a bit better rehearsal than the first," Calin Gavril Goia said, during the Press conference at the Wiener Stadthalle.

A movie about the children from Romania left by their parents, who are working abroad trying to provide them better life was partially recorded in Austria, but in 2013. As one of the questions was, is there any connection with the fact that Vienna is hosting the Eurovision Song Contest, Voltaj responded: "It is a coincidence. Still, a lot of people noticed that and suggested to us to apply for the national selection and we won and we came to Austria."

"There are still a lot of kids left alone. This issue reached the highest point in 2007 when Romania joined the European Union. But even there's like 85.000 children growing up without parents in our country. That's why this message is so important and still being actual," Calin explained, as one of the questions was about the reasons why this campaign is so important to the band in this very moment.

"You may not know this, but the little boy from Voltaj’s video will be in Vienna, together with his parents, for the Eurovision final. That is what we fight for: beautiful, united families, parents, and children all together. But this is not a real story, but still we hope it will help reunite some families," Liana Stanciu, the Romanian Head of Delegation said.

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